Find a reason … to be grateful my friend.
- If you want to open the floodgates of ABUNDANCE in all shapes, guises and forms - do THIS.

My friend,

Lots of you will look at that title and say “ho hum” again.

“How can he say that given all that going on”.

And so forth.

“All hocus pocus from the looney tune bin”.

and so forth …

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily BLAME you for thinking that way, but – hear me out for a minute, my friend.

As I get done with 250 pushups, handstands, pull-ups – sort of what I showed you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, except this time with ISOMETRICS – I thought about filming it.

In my dark cave, inviting YOU in.

Then I didnt.

Heck, I’ve put out so many fitness videos, and will continue to put out more cool stuff in the future.

But for now, especially given that last email that just hit your Inboxes …

Another question you guys need to ask (and I WILL be making a video on this, so stay tuned on the Youtube Channel – and guys, really – hit LIKE – or subscribe – or do both – buy a product – really, most of the option don’t cost you a cent! and very little time too) … is this.

How many days have you found in 2021 to be GRATEFUL – for everything you HAVE now?

Gratefulness, my friend , is one of the keys to opening the floodgates of ABUNDANCE for you – and keep it going that way – in ALL shapes, forms and guises.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Money, all of you are thinking.

But it ain’t all about money.

the money will come – if you have a GOAL.

“Yes, I do”, some people will say.


But do you have a clear goal – a clear picture in your mind of where it is you want to BE – now – tomorrow – in one month – and so forth?

If it’s business, maybe x amount of sales per day – or month – have you ever thought – deeply about it that way?

Fitness wise, maybe you have a goal to do 500 pushups per workout – so you say – but has it progressed beyond “mere thinking”? (and not the right form of thinking either?).

“When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear”.

You shall be given the tools to accomplish your goal, your life purpose, if you keep at it with PERSISTENCE, its as simple as that, if money is needed, it will come, period.

Its about ENERGY, not just money – something people dont get, and refuse to get.

But anyway – gratefulness – BEING grateful.

Aren’t you grateful to be alive and reading this, my friend?

I mean, if you’ve got all four limbs – if you can move about like I do in the park, with nary a care in the world, living free, nomad style or otherwise, even if you’re just LIVING – I mean, if all you’ve got right now is a roof over your head and warm food and clothing – you’re still better off than a lot of people – aint that something to be grateful?

It’s easy to gripe over life.



Bla, bla, bla.

All that, my friend, will keep happening – not to mention the grand plan to enslave the idiots of the world, and there’s plenty out there.

(dont get me wrong, if you want to buy into the panic, do so, but I Dont recommend it).

But have you taken inventory – stock – of what you have NOW – along with WHERE youre at now (which I spoke about in the last email)?

Be grateful for the little things, friend.

They’re what turn BIG doors.

They’re what MATTER

They’re what give you RESULTS to motivate you – daily.

And they’re what, as Denzel said in a recent movie, “get you caught”.


Focus on DOING the little things – and being GRATEFUL for them – daily, multiple times a day.

And the big will come.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it WAS built”.

“The journey of a thousand miles beings with that single STEP”.

Along with this remember that big goals – and New Year’s resolutions (which are best off as “long term goals” if at all, I’d say for most people) are accomplished by doing something EVERYDAY – daily – without fail.

Business, life, sales, motivation, whatever it is, get your ass up and DO IT DAILY.

Thats all.

“Do the thing, and you shall have the power”.

Anyway, I’ll have a video out on this later today – stay tuned.

But for now, Emerson’s Laws of Compensation is a great, great and timeless read – and classic my friend.

Get it off Amazon, or wherever you want …

But read it – and especially the Laws of Increasing REturns, and Compensation.

If you do the thing, you will GET the reward, simple.

It may come now, it may come later, but it will come with compound interest, and come it shall.

The reverse holds true too i.e. if you read this, then click away without DOING anything – taking action of any nature – then you’ll get the “rewards for that too”.

As an aside, my wife was talking about 2022 being the year of Saturn apparently – something some people regard as “malovelent” i.e. the influence of Saturn or what not – and she told me it’s all fooey, in ancient Hindu “something”, Saturn was the God of Justice or something.

So I understood it as at least ..

In India you’ve got people running about worshipping “the God of Saturday”, if you can believe that!

Of course, equally crazy shit happens globally when you talk religion. Hehe.

“Crazy year”, I can hear a lot of you thinking.

Great, but back to it.

Seems people are FINALLY catching on to , or trying to, what Emerson, myself, and a lot of others have been saying about “compensation” throughout the years.

Then again, it all came from India huh.


Can’t, and won’t argue with that one, friend!

Most of what is “ancient Chinese culture” is actually Indian …

Anyway …….

Video out soon – stay tuned.


And, then DO SOMETHING, my friend.

Simple as that.

Have a great one, end off 2021 with a bang, and start 2022 that way too!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS #2 – Did y’all know that Zero to Hero! Was originally titled “From 120-60 kgs. Conceive – Believe – ACHIEVE!” ?

Well, I modified the title and put out the current book, and also removed some of the fitness related stuff from there.

Maybe 2022, 5 years from when the original was written will FINALLY be the year when I get THAT book out!

Stay tuned

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