Why picturing in your mind first ALWAYS brings results, period.
- No matter what "time it might be"

No matter how tough times might be, no matter how “challenging” things might seem, I have learned two things in life, my friend.

First, there is always a solution for every legitimate problem.

(Read Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil for more on this) – and you’ll understand, but thats the sum and substance of it.

Two, if you really, really want something, you will find a way to get it and GET it no matter what.

(my whole life is an example).

And three, what is the name of that strange force that somehow, unexpectedly, throws its full weight, and lo, what a WEIGHT it is! – behind the person who never stops trying – who is PERSISTENT after the entire world (and then some) has given up on him ?

That power is called the power of persistence.

Read Think and Grow Rich for more on that, my entire life – and Napoleon Hill, whose life my own most closely (not by design) mirrors – is proof enough of this.

We are what we picture, my friend. Same thing for results.

This morning, I wrote a long email to you about being DISGUSTED – and then some.

That email is HERE.

Perhaps one of the reasons that I did not mention in that email I get so disgusted with folks in general is they refuse to follow the “picture it” maxim, instead choosing to wallow in self pity and “times are tough” and other BS.

I mean, lets face it, if your mind alone could drag you out of what you’re in – why not?

But anyway, after that email I wrote another one about why I hate braggarts (buffoon Central in general).

Then off it was for my workout.

A pull-up and Gorilla Grip workout today, when you want to FRY the entire upper body (remember, this was after my jump rope workout, pushups and club work – and stretching this morning) – you do pull-ups, period. BRUTAL is all I can say.

In the middle of that I did fingertip pushups – another hidden secret to crushing, ape like grip strength I keep talking about in both the book above, and also in Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!)

But I also did something I don’t normally do.

I sent emails – quite a few of them – while working out.

Now, yall that know me KNOW I never take the dumbphone with me to workout, but sometimes, as I just told a certain Angel (who really brought angelic news to me!) “Life happens”.

It does.

And to me, my site being down for even one minute is way too much.

I pride myself, much like Amazon does, on always staying online no matter what.

And while half a day, or a few hours might not seem like a lot to most folks, to me it was an eternity.

And that email you got in the park about “Back online!” with no subject?

Well, I was typing on the dumbphone, y’all know how much I cannot do that – and hate to do it, but I had to inform you anyway!

And now here I am, writing to you from the computer again.

The result I pictured this morning came instantly, except not what I had asked for, what I asked for came a few hours later.

But it did come, and in the most unexpected manner.

This is why I keep talking about the power of visualization, my friend, and if you have not yet, then pick up Zero to Hero, and read the opening bit in that book very very carefully. Underline words with a red felt pen if you must, and understand the EMOTIONS behind what I wrote, and you’ll start to get it.

Anyway – my host is the best ever. I cannot praise them enough, as we’re back online with “renewed” hardware and such – all systems GO!

I must also say, my writing businesses – both of them – they NEVER go down, not just because of my dedication to them – but also the super hosts I use – and also because of that little thing of doing what you were TRULY meant to do I keep talking about, but not everyone gets it…

Come rain, come hell, come shine, come high water, they’re there for me, always have been, always will be, so I will I be for them.

So I will be for YOU too, the DOERS – the guys that DO get back to me – the guys that DO leave reviews, the guys that most of all, DO the thing!

Thats what makes it all worth it.

Anyway, I’m off to do up yet another great, great review for my hosts – one of them.

And that reminds me, a lot of you have not done up reviews as yet.

Please do so, I see no reason why the answer should be “no” to that one.

Thank you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Back soon!