The “I dont give a shit” syndrome …
- Ugh, what a pain!

It well and truly seems to have taken ROOT.

And if people truly care about something – anything – they’re being LEAST vocal about it these days unless it’s a cause “championed” by some idiot with x number of followers, or if it’s the latest “Octopus” game which I really mussssssssssssst try because it’s some popular Koreans something.

I’m even befuddled by the constant selfies people keep taking – and in most of those cases, you can almost peel apart the makeup and see the exhaustion on peoples faces – their eyes.

Of course, most of the Bozos globally doing all this wouldn’t think twice, they’d swipe right or click, or something, and move right on.

But it beats me, really.

Just WHY don’t you care?

I dont get it, friend.

And I dont get some of the lunacy going on either – according to Yahoo! News, the latest is that Google etc have been ordered to “secretly” hand over search terms (certain ones) – and the users and their info who search for them to the “government” …

i.e. is this news even real?

Dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t put it past big tech (except Amazon) to do something like that, but to me, the vast majority of bunk spread out there is SCARE MONGERING.

And they’re doing a damn fine job of it, from what it seems.

People in general seem to have given up hope – or caring.

“We’ll see what happens”.

Passive observance never really led to anything, my friend…

“We can’t change anything!”

Well, if enough people get together – you CAN.

It’s often one man’s (or woman’s) idea that changes the world.

“Those times are long gone!”

May I know “why”?

Beyond the BS, the Universe hasn’t really changed, my friend.

(other than the massive increase in the number of bozos when presented with a fact based argument either opt out – “gracefully bow out” – or just start yelling about some BS)

(Yes! Can’t answer something, just get irritated and yell. SAGE! -not, hehe)

Human kind, as I was telling a certain Maria the other day is but a blink of an eye for this massive Universe we live in.

The laws remain the same, and always shall.

Anyway … pointless trying to tell people that dont care.

But the good news, there’s still some doers left – that DO CARE.

And for those of you that still do CARE – about your life – health – strength – fitness – we’ve put together a special rewards page.

As expected, the 0 Excuses Fitness coupon is getting some special interest right about now, hehe.

I get it, hey.

A welcome discount .. which is fine.

And if there are more you’d like added on to the page, or anything specific you’d like to see, please get back to me and tell me.

But doing nothing, and “its all going to shit”, and “I dont care” – please dont get back with those answers as they accomplish nothing.

Solutions is where it’s at, friend, not endless whinging.

And my products offer just that – solutions – to something you can damn well control, your life, health and fitness.

I’ve seen people these days that used to work out.

Running, jogging, even lifting weights, whatever it is, they did it before – over the last few months?

They’ve just STOPPED.

In some cases, people have ballooned back up to what they were.

They look at themselves in the mirror, and wish “the fat wasn’t there”.

Guys look at the man boobs, the “fat around obliques”, as someone recently put it (of course, getting Corrugated Core and DOING was too much of a stretch) .. women worry about saggy breasts or if theyre bone thin (China!) “how to gain weight” – and if already in decent shape “I dont look good”.

Never satisfied, it seems, which is fine …. (always strive for more!)…

Yet, they’ve stopped giving any sort of F about it … 

(I should know, a lady in this category falls into the coaching client category!)

When asked, her response.

“Oh, whatever, it doesnt matter any more”.


Amazingly enough, this person has NO financial issues (I know sounds strange, eh?) – no real health problems  -fairly normal family life – and so forth.

And yet … !

The scare media is really doing a great, great job globally it seems..

Anyway, all the anti-scare stuff I say is so much water off a duck’s back if you choose to exercise your right NOT to think – not to snap out of self imposed lethargy and so forth …

But the rewards page is there for the doers. (or I wouldn’t have created it).

More to come , but for now …

Go get you some NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If it’s constant “I dont give a shit” about anything – well the answer to that?

Personally, I’d say LOSER with a capital L x 100, but then again, what do I know, I’m “just the fitness guy”, hehe…

PS #2 – Listen, it is not just adults falling prey to this – its kids too.

Take a look at the mental health of your kids NOW if you have ’em, if not, look at what is HAPPENING around you (not the sh-news, but what is REALLY happening, how kids are behaving, childhood obesity etc!).

I’ve seen kids doing the same exercises – modified – that adults do – and believe me, these days?

They need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand the need to “pamper” kids. It’s different from when we were growing up.

But the best thing is not to pamper, it’s to give something something that will help them their entire lives, and DO with them – and if you crack open Kiddie Fitness, you’ll see its JUST what the ole Doc ordered in that regard.

And if you dont care, well, you dont care… but you should!