What to do if you’re not “naturally fit”.
- Lots of us have this lament, so I thought I'd write it here.

I can just hear the envious comments, sighs and stares.

“Thats easy for him to say!” (i.e. yours truly)!

“you’re so naturally fit and strong!”

Hmmm – it might SEEM that way when I’m in super shape.

When I’m the opposite, ie. a phat phocker, I look the opposite, and people SAY the opposite.

“How could you let yourself get this way!”

“Fat Slob!” (Like Schofield, hehe).

But really – with me, it’s all about – and always HAS BEEN about EXTREMES!

Extreme ways have helped  me out of a tight, tough, and NIGH UNFORGIVING SPOT MANY A TIMES!

As I sit here, ruminating the entire morning (that, believe it or not is what I do right upon waking up. Like Jeff Bezos said “I putter”. For me, it’s about “I do things!” (like Uncle Bob once said)).

You’ll see me sitting quietly, staring off into space. Doing exactly F all… (Bozo once said that about me, hehe).

But I’m doing more in those quiet moments than a lot of people do in their lifetimes!

Anyway, lions and tigers were on my shoulder last night in the dream.

I even saw my own demise (remember Jeff Bezos once predicting Amazon’s demise? He was spot on – it will happen – to everyone, everything, all of us, thats the cycle and NATURE of life which is cyclical to start with, hence I dont take the Al Bore warnings on Global Warming too seriously) …

Then I saw the re-birth.

Four stages indeed.

Deserts, craters, all came to mind.

A September 10 dream (which was essentially recorded after the night of the 9th) mysteriously popped up in my diary the minute I opened it.

And then I KNEW!

The “coincidences” are too many to ignore, even if there had been one, I dont believe in ’em – things happen – for a reason.

Right down to money materializing in your bank accounts for seemingly no reason …

Yes, you heard me.

I’m not going to expound more on any of that …

But, lets get to the lament – I’ve never been naturally fit, friend, its been the opposite.

A lot of people that LOOK super fit aren’t either.

For instance, ever seen parading my six pack?

No. (Unless it’s the shirtless picture which was called a super porn star photo by many, and the wife bitche dup a storm, so I removed it from the cover of 0 Excuses Fitness – but if yo see Corrugated Core, it’s me without the vest, hairly “macho and manly” chest and so forth – can’t understand why Bozo guys these days go in for manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing chest etc – UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!) …

There is a reason.

Because neither does a six pack mean naturally fit, nor does it mean super fitness, bro.

Druggies often have 13 packs for one…

And some of the artificial six packs you see – these guys couldn’t do a sit up to save their lives.

A popular fitness trainer from the UK – I wont name him here, but Yahoo him, and you’ll find him – has a body most would be envious of

Rippling abs, literally.

Washboard abs.

NO fat – or very little!

Yet, the first thing he says in his upcoming book is “it’s a mirage” basically.

He has Crohn’s disease, IBS – many of the same thing yours truly did – except with me I’ve ALWAYS PUT ON WEIGHT SO EASILY – and I have a PEAR shape, though you might not notice it! – with him, he “struggles to put on weight” literally.

And while you might think thats a dream come true, think again.

He can’t do a sit up at all unassisted.

He does lots of pull-ups, yes. (lesson there, folks????)

(both on the sit up and pull-ups) … (see if you can FIND the lesson therein)

And yet, he’s got that six pack.

He rails againts crunches and artificial “training for looks alone”, much like I do …

And he ain’t naturally fit either.

Think “bending down to tie a shoelace” and…

… not farting like the Bozo.

But, tearing hamstrings – literally.

Like Stallone said of his unnatural look when he was at his peak – it looked good, but his body was cannibalizing itself, and he had ZERO energy – literally.

He used to be at the point of fainting often!

Same thing I say.

And that guy above says.

It might look good on social media, the look, but it’s equally artificial, not the real you!

Maggie, a girl who I know on WeChat posted a (well, I know her otherwise too, hehe) picture of herself the other night, shopping during the holiday.

As girls are apt to do, she called herself a “mess”.

While to me she looked great – gorgeous even!

But the picture was NATURAL – that is what did it – for me at least.

Not the majority of people out there.

Anyway, now to the NUB of this.

IF YOU – like  most people are NOT naturally fit, then here is one exercise you should work on for the next 30 days – straight out of “Advanced Plyometrics” (another upcoming course) … (it showed up in my dream too last night).

If you fall into that category as a man – you’ve got bingo wings, man boobs and of course the love handles and tummy. Period.

And do this –

Squat down. 

squat back up. 

Back down. 

Jump up – ferociously – such that your knees touch your chest.    (flat footed jumps IF you can – more on that later)

Then lunge another step. 

Rinse, repeat for at least a 100 reps daily – or  whatever you can do. 

Or, at least a minute a day if not more.

Thats all you gotta do, friend.

Footballers globally do a variant of this great exercise – despite the running they do that keeps them in super shape and swilling BEER, hehe.

There is a variant of it in Corrugated Core, and it doesnt take  long at all.

So – if you’re in that category, that exercise – one of 25 so far – will HELP YOU – big time!

That, my friend is that for now. Back very soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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