Become a 0 Excuses Fitness AFFILIATE!
- You asked - we (finally) listened!

Actually, this section was up on the site a long time ago – in a different avatar.

And worry NOT- existing affiliates – all your info has been ported over to the NEW system which we designed so we could address all of your concerns!

Basically – now is as great a time as any to be a 0 Excuses Fitness affiliate, and as y’all know – our products are highly desired and sought after by all real fitness enthusiasts.

Because they’re written by the Stella Artois of Bodyweight Fitness – yes.

But also – and really – because of the outstanding results we deliver!

You on this site already know this, of course.

So, without further ado – here is what we are offering to YOU that is interested …

25 % FLAT commission off each sale. Correct, even if all you do is make ONE sale – and then do nothing, you still get paid the 25%. 

15% recurring “renewal” commissions off all “renewing” products (currently only the Ship for now). 

And of course, plenty of opportunity to earn a LOT – simply by selling via the custom link we provide you with so you can track your sales via your account – and we can too. 

Remember, using that link is a MUST so the sales can be tracked via our system.

Remember too, that you get paid on a monthly basis – and the minimum payout amount is $100 i.e. once your account hits that threshold, you will be paid per schedule.

(And remember too, ONLY Serious applicants wanted i.e. ONLY if you have a track record of selling successfully before, or if you think you can do it. IF you think you HAVE what it TAKES – apply here. We’ll get back within 24-48 hours, but trust me, NOT everyone that applies to this great program will be accepted. Again – serious inquiries only please).

Given our prices, I dont think that should be hard to achieve at all!

But anyway, in the Houseful 2 “comedy potboiler” movie, the cartoonish “AAkhri Pasta” (Chunkey Pandey) shows up at the end of it after having so called done his job (which was to supposedly get rich scion’s daughters married to an even richer guy’s son – a caper if there ever was one, dont ask, hehe) … asking for “Komision do, Komision!”

Basically, he wanted his commission, the guys hiring him wanted nothing to do with him publicly.

See the movie, you’ll know why. Hehe.

So he was running after them … BUT YOU?

You, the affiliate will never have to do that – since you will get paid on a schedule – all can be tracked via the my account area, and if Ive set this thang up right, all payments should be auto paid to your paypal on or around the 5th of each month …

i.e. if you make a sale in September, you get paid Oct (no two month waits etc).

And that, friend is that – oh, but wait.

LOTS of you have asked about reliable web hosting, trust me, NOT easy to find at great prices!

Took me several months before I settled on my current “server” configuration – my OWN SERVER!

Truly , if you gotta do it right, you do it yourself or not at all.

And if y’all are interested, let me know – I’m offering some great deals on that as of NOW.

Look for details on that shortly up on the site.

(remember, IT background so … ditto for WEB DESIGN, I dont do that at all these days, but if someone needs it, I’ll be happy to do it for the right price (i.e. no price shoppers there either, please)). 

And thats all for now.

Back soon ……………. oh, but wait!

LOTS of you have noticed our daily emails not reaching you since Sunday.

Well, that is due to a bit of a credit card mess in terms of “new rules” finally being applicable, auto charges and more, and I wont get into it here.

But, should be all up and running again in a day or so most likely, so stay tuned!

And that really is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee