Why Glyn Bozo would absolutely LOVE “Madam” Christina
- Hehe.

I can just hear him now, copying what I say – and do – verbatim on another site.

“Christina Ma’am”, he will go, much like he did with Josie before she ended up blocking him.


“You’re really an asshole”, was what she told him before the final “F you!” 

But it’s hilarious, really.

Christina, the lovely lady I’ve been talking to as of late – and Glyn Bozo – both – are a NIGH PERFECT example of the world these days.

Frustrated, “on hold”, “unsure of the future”, “not willing to do what it takes to improve (though they want to)” – and of course the “oh, he’s sooooooooo lucky (i.e. Rahul)” rant.

And what the world is doing these days is going increasingly SILENT.

Towards each other

Internally, people are angrier than ever – and have nothing to do for the most part, hence all the sign ups on social media etc from people who would never get on it for the most part.

Yes, of course, Rahul Mookerjee does the exact opposite – hehe.

I quit Facebook last year after Zuck the “China suck” handed out an improper “violation” to me – when all I did was defend myself against a racist attack upon “foreigners in general” by a so called Chinese person.

(Nah, despite what Xi and the Bozo Trolls (Glyn included) say – all foreigners dont hate Chinese, and Chinese don’t hate all expats either!)

Then of course the recent LinkedIn ban.

And then that leaves Twitter which I use sometimes, and Insta … which I use for shits and grins too.

But thats it, a drop in the ocean compared with what most do, constantly checking feeds etc on their dumbphone and so forth …

Anyway, Christina – and Glyn Bozo both would make a perfect coupling.

She hates housework, hates men that dont clean up after themselves (Glyn, of course is a perfect example) – and she doesn’t really talk a lot – except when it’s to complain about something, or, of course, to ask me for my books. Hehe. Free, of course!

And she’s always gotten the same answer.

So, she’s reading the other site now. i.e. rahulmookerjee.com.

And I can feel the Bozo’s beady little eyes reading this too, before he trolls my email address to some liposuctionist or whatever (who by the way, Glyn, a lot of these people have blocked your IP too. LOL!) …

A perfect example of saying nothing, but quietly reading all, SEETHING INSIDE.

Christina, of course, is a smart girl – nothing like the Bozo (polar opposite).

Bozo would love her for obvious reasons – she’d put him to work as her “niang pao” (sissy in Chinese – Glyn, thats a new word for you, hehe) instantly.

Of course, with all the hassle with his butt love she’d boot him away as promptly too, much like Chuck did.

Out cold in his underwear face down on the street.

Anyway, Christina …

Added me out of the blue, did the usual “send pictures” thing i.e. she sent hers (she knows there’s  lots of salivating Bozos out there) – and of course, then … MONEY!

That whole thing about these lovely Chinese girls and money, hehe. i’ve spoken galore about it.

First , it was run a dancing monkey center together. I never did that. Ugh.

Second, it was – and she’s asked almost 10 times now – “I want to read your books”.

And y’all on this list know well my CONTEMPT for freebie seekers.

“I dont want it free!”

“I can buy it from plenty of other people!”

“I have many friend give me!”

True, Madam.

Then you should get it from them, hehe.

It’s insane, the logic – or lack thereof.

The same logic people apply when they claim “its just bodyweight exercises!”

Or idiots that claim “youre fat look at your stomach!” – when they themselves have never done a pushup in their lives, couldn’t hold to a chinning bar to save their lives, and would literally have an aneurysm if you asked them to sprint  hills, or even learn how to.

Yes, there is an ART form to the last one – it ain’t just “run up hills”.

And so on and so forth, hehe.

Other fronts, all is going well – but what I dont get is how the world has decided to (in general) “do nothing” for now.

I simply dont get how people can sit there and “do nothing” – either in terms of purchases, or business, or life itself.

Like Trump recently said, “Im fighting every second”.

And thats what life should be about i.e. ENERGY!

FIGHT – till the very end!

And rather than worry about what comes next, we might as well enjoy THIS moment, eh?

Words, I know.

Most upon reading this will go back to their “safe” lives – which as we’re finding out could be taken away from you at ANY TIME.

That old meme I once posted about finding out what you’re truly made of – when your houses, cars, degrees, are all stripped from you, and you truly have to stand – on your own two feet.

What then, my friend?

Anyway, Christina’s loving this site, apparently – or the other one.

But, she probably hasn’t read the part about “why learning from me for free never works”, hehe.

Hey, she paid English First to learn English.

So I told her, learn from there.

I also gave her Carols example i.e. rank beginnner – such rapid progress that even her other Chinese English teachers were stunned.

How she did it, you guess, hehe.

“I have no choice but to!” in her own words. 

Anyway … where am I going with all this.

I dont know, just giving you a run down of what is going on.

And other than “Mai”, and “Mou hua the”, my latest Chinese name is apparently “Hui”.


More on that later!

For now, remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – not only is it the best fitness system out there by far, and the only one you’ll ever need, but it’s equally entertaining or more so than these emails, hehe.

I even make a “toilet” joke – I think I got that from the Obama admin, same gender Bozo bathrooms and so forth ..

Ill stop. LOL.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The story of Glyn and the electric toothbrush FINALLY came out through a girl he’s been pestering, it can be boiled down to this –

First, he never bought the overpriced product – he just submitted a crap review so he could get a discount, or what not. No wonder amazon removed some of his reviews…

Second, Bozo bought it for “back there” yes, apparently easier than putting fingers or tongues in there.

But most importantly, the “stained teeth” I keep referring to, that finally got the Bozo’s goat.

Goats, by the way are great climbers!

And I hear strange stuff has been happening as of late, a mountain goat in Canada recently got the better of a smallish grizzly bear, if you can believe that!

Grizzlies, my friend – are SUPER, and as a friend said “nothing stands up to them”!

And he’s right – other than an elephant, I suppose.

Even the mighty tiger wouldn’t dare tangle with an an angry grizzly, but the mountains are also the goat’s habitat, and it has those long horns…

Anyway, to become as fleet footed as a mountain goat on a slippery mountainside – or develop raging Brahma bull like strength, or become as hard to catch (Rocky II, anyone!?) as a chicken running around “Kentucky Fried idiot, hehe, you catch this thing, you can catch greased lightning!” – or, of course, raging and utter brute musculature like the grizzly – well, you gotta TRAIN that way.

And that one course y’all – a lot of you – have for some reason been putting off contains how to do all this, and more.

No goats in there. But the rest is all there!

Go here to get in truly the most awesome “superhuman” shape of your life “- – Animal Kingdom Workouts!