The interesting conundrum of “the grass is always greener on the other side”
- Indeed!

I’ve been chuckling as of late – over the past few months actually.

Ever since China changed it’s rules on handing out free visa extensions to the foreign devils applying for it (mostly the ESL “transient Bozos” sorts) … there’s been a lot of consternation.

People have been forced to go back to their own countries (LOTS!) – and do what they hadn’t done in years i.e. some real work without the easy “gravy train” (and believe me, it done dried up for the past 5 or so years anyway) of “teaching English in China” (basically a monkey job that as a girl “Janet” I once knew rightly said “any idiot can do that job!”) (she was chinese American, I believe, not sure).

Although her communication style was SO CHINESE – i.e. mainland Chinese…

Anyway that aside, when you look at a job where people that can’t speak the language are teaching it (Russians in many cases) – and where the students (that cant speak the language) basically “decide” who a good teacher is (based on how blue your eyes are, hehe) – and “if the teachers are teaching right and speaking good English, hehe” – then you know what I mean when I say anyone that Tom Toms that sort of so called business (which never was, the Chinese were never interested in learning English to begin with, all a massive sham for “face”) is a Bozo and idiot of the grandest and most moronic order.

A lot of these nuts are remembering the good ole days of “show up and get a few RMBs tossed at them” for their next meal, or beer or what not (or “in ass” if you’re Glyn) and saying this.

(those of them that haven’t married Chinese women “for the money and resident permit” i.e. become a cuck incarnate on paper too as opposed to just reality, hehe)

(there’s lots of that sort running around still, so called “China experts and business people” whose entire so called expertise and jokes of businesses depends on what their girlie friends hand out from time to time …)

“I wish I was back there!”

“I’d rather be back there!”

(instead of acknowledging the reality, not the least of which being the China plague that BROUGHT them crashing in the first place, and a system that is flawed enough to give out “easy money” willy nilly for years – and a system almost done ready to collapse now).

On the other hand, you have a lot of Chinese …

Gorilla Girl Sophia for one, keeps saying the following.

“I want move to another country!”

She has been saying this for years.

Then, “Susan”, another dude’s wife there (Chinese wife) who “hates China”.

I won’t get into specifics here for obvious reasons.

But let’s just say the Chinese want out as much as the (loser sort) expats want back IN.

Interesting conundrum of how the grass is always greener on the other side…

Nothing new to me, of course.

Happens in terms of women, happens in terms of life, happens everywhere, but while in some cases it’s fine, in many other cases, the underlying CAUSES need to be looked at.

Just WHY is the grass greener on the other side in China?

Because you can be a lazy ass and do nothing and get paid (assuming you can deal with being a monkey with a string around it’s neck)?

More pertinently, when citizens of a country that have been somewhat happy for years are rushing in droves to get out – there is a reason (dont believe me? Take a look at the lines outside the U.S. Embassy in China for one, those that are still open – then the Chinese embassies back stateside or wherever, and then tell me WHO wants to get out where MOST!).

Anyway, what can I say.

But I said the following to Sophia the other day.

“So, here we have Chinese wanting to get out – and foreign loser wanting to get back IN – both equally rabid”.

“How absolutely lovely, Madam Sophia, this is indeed interesting!” (with a tongue in cheek “emoticon”)

She giggled.

“I’m the one” , she said.

That she is, heh (the former).

I find it interesting though, the way people think …

In China, lots of people Tom tom the “China velly good, foreigner make us look vellly bad!” thingie.

That happens in countries like India etc too.

Yet, these same people that when confronted with an expat that logically dissects the line between “real culture” and the jingoism – these same people when they see the same thing happening at home (for instance, the brainwashing being taken to extremes currently in Indian and Chinese schools for one) – curse their own countries like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard – yet, when the “big bad” foreign devils show up saying the same thing, it’s all wrong.

I can still hear my wife “fog horn” yelling … (although it’s a very distant remembrance at the time of writing this, thankfully).

Turn that phone off! Its school, not a religious get together!

The same thing sometimes plays out in China ..

Yet, when a foreigner says the same thing, of course, all hell breaks loose.

The teacher is WRONG, the locals holler.

(lets say for the issue mentioned above i.e. “brainwashing”) (which they are, of course)

Yet, when those same teachers happily teach English – which they cannot speak themselves – when their textbooks they send have INCORRECT English – not just one typo or two, but MANY – then of course, the foreign devils pointing it out are wrong.

How nice, hehe.

How lovely and logical, if I might say so … 

Anyway, where am I going with this?

I dont know, except people – the way they think (the sheep) in general, I dont get it…

Either change, or make the change, or dont, but caught in the middle, complaining all the time, not willing to acknowledge reality, constantly “expecting handouts” (I see this all the time, and the pandering towards people that expect it) … I Dont get it.

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And there it is, my friend. There it is.


Rahul Mookerjee

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