“You have so many Queens!”
- Now thats a sage comment indeed, hehe.

I was speaking to an admittedly gorgeous lady I once did business with “Christina” last night (well, I should say, ALMOST did biz with – but we did start, so …) …

China, you beauty. I love it. Hehe.

But anyway, that above comment in the heading was her reaction to a picture of me posting a picture of my bodyguard on Instagram or something.


She (the girl on Insta) wasn’t really a bodyguard. in fact, she ran away right after taking the picture – of course, WHERE she went is a different story, and not for prying eyes, and not on this email list for sure, hehe (we like to keep it NON rated here!).

Some more tidbits –

“are you always speak those nice words to Chinese girls *giggle*”?

“most of chinese girl love to listen to praise word!”

“europe girl most beautiful, I think!”

(that last comment, of course – the grass is always greener. Hehe. The other two, well, I was doing what came naturally i.e. TALK to her (I can just see Glyn Bozo salivating, hehe) – and what I’ve been doing and done all my life!

It ain ‘t just sales this cat is adept at in case you didnt know. Hehe).

Conversation does always rule the nation, so long as youre not Schofield with nose in butt desperately trying to get “a word out” (pun intended, hehe).

“You know how to chat with girl! You always praise women, which is good!”

(clearly Madam hasn’t seen this page – LOL)

(even if she had though, she’d say the same thing. Real women don’t like Nazi feminists either!)

Now, that is a comment I’ve heard so often … and it’s true.

But I never made any conscious attempt to learn, or impress girls. Hehe. Much like I don’t try to impress anyone on this here list …

It just all comes naturally, and thats the best and only way to do it!

Anyway, we were chatting about life, business etc.

And of course, the usual mother-in -law / wife (for her) fight , how her husband expects here to do housework and provide for the family too, etc etc … and MONEY, of course. No conversation with Chinese girls is complete without MONEY as I’ve said before. Hehe.

But she’s right bout one thing, I don’t get this trend of men that do no housework and expect the women to support ’em – and do all the house work too.

I’ve no idea if thats how it always works out for Christina, but apparently it does a lot of times i.e. she’s expected to pay X amount, and so is he, but housework apparently not shared.

Geez, all I can say is her husband is a lucky guy, lol – IF indeed thats true!

Not because he does no housework or other rot – I rarely do any.

(holds true for whether I live solo, or with girls or what not. Then again, I dont particularly care if she does it either beyond the basics, so long as she fulfils certain other criteria – I’ll let you guess what. Hehe).

But the money thing, that she’s right on.

Although I must say – again – husband’s lucky.

Getting a woman to pay X amount of money – as a duty, and she does it too … well, thats new to me!

But then again, I’d rather NOT ask women to pay me any more.

I’d rather be the breadwinner, and she be the housewife or whatever turns her on – i.e. the “normal” roles society always intended for us!

Curiously enough, of course, that attitude has to led to women literally taking me out on dates, NEVER expecting me (and in some cases not even letting me) pay …

Anyway, I truly do know where I speaketh from in terms of women – both real, stunningly gorgeous women and Nazi feminists – the entire lot.

And pivoting to another topic (I just got this from another dazzling gal “can you support me” – my answer? I think you can guess. HA!)

… here is what Panaourgias, one of the great customers on this list (and admittedly sharing my “love” for women in certain regards, hehe) said about the “why no response, friend!” emails I’ve been sending out. Not with that title, but you get the drift..

Hi Rahul.for myself I can say I am not the type who is writing to much.right now I told you I am stack.allso I am 57 so I don’t have the appetite of a young one.your books is the best

Thanks for the great words on the books, Panourgias!

And as I told him, another great discount awaits him – if just because he’s a DOER.

My reply –

Hey Panourgias

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated! You actually DO reply back occasionally, haha, which is fine, it is just people on the list (some) that have been there for literally years, doing nothing, saying nothing – those are basically the people I was referring to – same thing on a WeChat Employment group I have which people just “sit there and take up room” if you know what I mean, neither doing this or that, in the middle…

(for those types, the website is there, they can read for free, but the list itself costs money to maintain and run, so … :))

By the way, what do you mean by “right now I told you I am stack” ? You mean, tough times? Or … Not sure?

And – thanks for the praise on the books – much appreciated, and glad you’re loving ’em! Let me know when you’re ready to make a new purchase – and I’ll offer you another great discount for being one of the (continual) DOERS!!


Now, what he means by “less appetite” isn’t sexual or food related or anything – he means “not that much energy as a “young ‘un”” which I get …

And of course, the not writing too much part – I get that too. Hehe.

Not everyone writes tomes that makes people’s eyes water when they read ’em …

And as I’ve said before, these days, especially over the last couple of months, it seems to have become with a lot of people “just wait and watch” and not do much at all (for whatever reason).

Which is fine too … I suppose.

Anyway, where am I going with all this.

I dont know, just updating you on whats going on.

And Christina’s admittedly gorgeous, so I feel. Hehe.

Back to fitness – here is where you can pick up the BEST damn fitness system ever – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pictures of my (again, as Christina rightly said “lovely Chinese girl”) “Bodyguard” on Insta. Hehe.