The “Sister Glyn” sale!
- I know the timing is off. But!


This is huge – and I was going to do this in a week’s time – well, on the 26th.

That was the day when “all hell broke loose” and plenty of sissy tears erupted for a certain Bozo Schofield, whose now (almost, hehe) become a “household joke” in many regards in many circles.

(and generated nigh SO Many sales over the past year since then that the date in today’s “so called tough times” has become a cult figure, almost)

Trust me, the day will come soon when you won’t see nary a sissy tale without Glyn’s face in it!

But anyway, given his recent rants about “Madam I want to be your sister” – and given how some of you are saying “times are tough etc” – well, I figured lets pull the plunger, hehe, And lets’ do this NOW!

Without further ado then, the coupon “Glynbozo” will give you – all of you – regardless of whether or not you’re a first time customer – a FLAT 25% off any purchase (provided you make a minimum purchase of $100).

The numbers hold a special significance for me too, as today does (but that will remain a secret for now, hehe).

So have at – and remember, with all the sales this is going to generate (who doesn’t like a nice fat DISCOUNT, hehe) – this is not goin gto last until the 26th.

I think a couple of days at most, so get cracking if you’re interested, my friend.

Again, it won’t last.

See you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee