The #1 (and quickest) cure for “Burgeonning Tummy Syndrome”
- And a lot of people need to hear this!

First off, the BTS – or Burgeonning Tummy Syndrome, what IS it you might ask.

The “BPR” acronym I invented years ago “beer pizza religion” was something a lot of people apparently took to heart – and still live by – to an extreme.

And it’s sad, but as of late, despite people having all the time in the world to workout etc (despite the claims of “I’m too busy!”) – BTS is just getting worse and worse.

It’s sad, but a lot of people have just let themselves GO!

Even people that I always saw as naturally slim have fallen prey to the apathy and “nothing matters any more” syndrome and “lets enjoy life while we CAN!” (not caring about what comes next etc) …

In short, people are just getting WAY out of shape – more so than even last year.

The tummy thing, just think of Bozo Schofield – or “simpering sissy” (the way he panders to brats and apparently loves it)  -or “Humpty” on the wall as it were

He’s literally “one egg on top of the other” and not “down there” either (I doubt he even HAS anything “down there”).

When I met him, every time he sat down, it was just hilarious.

Yours truly, in tip top shape.

Charles, admittedly “phat phock” – but at least his fat is more evenly distributed (no, he’s not the big guy he keeps claiming he is, but his fat is more evenly distributed on his frame, so it doesnt look as bad as Bozo – Bozo is basically pear to an extreme – it ALL goes around his hips and butt and chest – with spindly legs) – and Bozo – and Charles’s girlfriend, and me in a taxi.

I was actually in better shape than the girl, if you can believe that. Hehe. But she was alright too, and I remember, the two of us could barely squeeze into th eback seat with Bozo there too (Charles was riding up front).

Anyway, when he sat down – his muffin top – lard ass, bingo wings, and of course the man boobs – all just flowed out over his jeans in a most obscene and grotesque manner.

This was of course when he was parroting and Tom Tommming his so called walks (in his sleep??) that he “lost weight by doing”.

My word, it was just nasty – not to mention the constant burping, flatulence, and … I dont know, smell in general coming from him.

The real sad part?

If it was just Bozo like this, I wouldn’t care.

But a lot of people these days are LETTING themselves go – big time, as I’ve said.

And if you, or anyone reading this is the sort that has let themselves go to the point doing a pushup is out of the question – or a squat – or plank – or anything – then what do you do?

Exercise yes, but what is the best and quickest way to get the TUMMY down – so you can do more of the good stuff properly?

Well, it’s not crash diets, watching diets, dieting, or any of that rubbish.

It is not “lifting weights to build more muscle” (that lard won’t go away with that alone).

It isn’t tummy trims, liposuction as the Bozo is into or “grafting fat from the midsection to tighten your butt” (another Glyn special apparently) … or the late night silliness you see on TV with gadgets.

It ain’t crunches. UGH.

(and speaking of which, the minority on th eother end that has also let themselves go – to an extreme – like, Jassy, who apparently does NOTHING but workout all day these days.

The girl that was SO attractive in 2019 now looks like a survivor from a concentration camp.

Nothing taken to extremes is good, Jassy … and no, rail skinny isn’t necessarily any better than phat phock either)

(speaking of women, I saw a most idiotic site run by a woman – fitness site – where she claims “0 Excuses Fitness culture is toxic”.

Apparently making excuses and saying “poor me, I’m not ready to workout” and “going easy on yourself” is the way to do it. Ugh.

I won’t even dignify her by mentioning it on this great site).

Anyway, it ain’t any of the above.

Or, as Bozo recently paraded around saying “I’m in top shape (from the bottom) and want to ramp it another level” (clearly Bozo is nuts about me. Haha). and UGH!

It is this – my friend.

Get on all fours.

What, you say.

Yes, you heard me.

Get on all fours – to workout! (no, not in the sack).

Those ANIMAL like movements do more than just give you a workout, my friend, they FORCE your core – entire core – to shake and move in a way NOTHING else, not even climbing hills can do – and they have an effect – very quick!

Don’t believe me?

Do the Hindu pushup isometric for a minute properly and tell me how you feel throughout your entire body after that.

Do bear crawls and alligator walks as in Animal Kingdom Workouts – or, patented “on all fours” hill workouts as in Advanced Hill Training – and let me know!

Trust me, these sort of “on all fours workouts” are TOUGH.

And they tax the muscles from the inside out – and the heart – and the entire cardio system in a way nothing else can!

You’ll truly, as I say in Advanced Hill Training “feel the lard melting off one movement at a time”.

And it’s the quickest way to a flat tummy that I know of – and if you combine with what I teach in Corrugated Core – you’re on your way to the races, I’ll give ya that!

And from someone thats been there, done that keeps doing it – all I got to say?

GEt the above courses my friend if you haven’t already.

They’ll benefit you throughout your life in a manner you haven’t experienced with ANYTHING else.


Rahul Mookerjee