“Bhuri Bade Gache”
- A bit of a funny one, hehe, at least to me.

Growing up, amongst all the other comments I remember, one curious comment made in Bengali by my Mom for certain other people – although admittedly she wasn’t in tip top shape either when she made that comment was this.

“Bhuri bade gache Bhishon!”

Now, I dont remember who she said this to, or if it was a passing comment or what.

but the tone and language struck me as nigh hilarious.

Bhuri is “paunch” in Bengali.

And I dont know, just the way in which the words were spoken – the mournful tone, or maybe just the LANGUAGE I dont know – I’ve always found it funny till date!

i.e. “his rapidly expanding Belly of Buddha” or something would be an apt English expression.

Speaking of which, the “Dickie Doo” award too – as “Rueben” a friend of mince once gave me, hehe, during my phat phock days.

“When your belly gets so large that you can’t see your …” he chortled. 

Admittedly there’s something to this.

“Pang Ren Qiu Dian” as the chinese say.

“Fat man have small penis”

(I can just hear Bozos and other assorted idiots throwing things at their screens aka “toxic 0 Excuses Fitness” culture.

seriously, how stupid does one have to be to say something like that…)

But anyway, given what I wrote about – and what is going on these days “the Bhuri” is definitely expanding for most people at a rate NOT seen before …

And while it might be hilarious in a way (my first website I did up for Internet Concepts class had a couple of mammoth beer  bellies – I still dont know why I put ’em there – a joke towards Rueben maybe for the “Dickie Doo” award thingie?? LOL) … its anything but healthy.

So again, my friend, if the rapidly expanding belly is taking root in you – well – take action now.

The best three courses to attack the growing menace (and trust me, that fat does multiply like roaches in multiples) …

Corrugated Core

Advanced Hill Training

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

In that order, my friend.

And, as Alonzo said so sagely in Training Day .. .

“I’ll leave ya’ll to it!”



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My Uncle was the best with his “Mutiye Gache” comments. I wont say to whom he said that, but he was right , hehe  (he meant “getting fat” in a funny manner).

0 Excuses Fitness” is sooooooo toxic, I know… (and no, I won’t dignifiy the idiot who said that on her site by mentioning it here on this great, great site – indeed, as Panourgias said – THE BEST!).