As we approach the first “Bozo Schofield Trolling” Anniversary …
- And his inane "fish curry fetish"

Bozo Schofield, fish curries, and more …

But really, it was around this time last year that he really shot to prominence as the #1 troll “el supremo” of all times on this great list.

It was around this time I had the dream of the Bozo “egg on egg” furiously firing off shot after shot at me, and eventually falling flat from his perch while yours truly flew like an eagle over the “wreckage” Bozo left behind, and on to greener pastures. Hehe.

Two days later, I saw the reviews he left all over the place.

I’ve no doubt he remembers that.

Starting with reviewing an electric toothbrush (he apparently uses it up his nether regions) he went on to my books … HILARIOUS!


Of course, poor Bozo thought it woul dhave the opposite effect

It didnt.

Yours truly, my friend – many a Bozo has tried to take me down, they’ve always failed, it’ll never happen. Hehe.

But anyway, these days – and it’s odd given the last email I sent, he’s been babbling on in “copy and paste from Google Bengali” if you get my drift, except he couldn’t even get the language right that way.

Some of his blocked messages read as follows –


(not bubble butt, hehe. “bhat” as in rice in Bengali)

“Mr Singh Bhat!”

(which is odd, given Singh is a Punjabi name)

Anyway, Bozo has an odd and horrible fish curry fetish, to be precise.

Bengali food is no doubt great, but for me, the fish curry was something I NEVER LIKED.


Well, fish from that part of the country – close to China – guess what.

It’s the boniest fish you can find, and you literally spend hours picking out bones from your teeth as you eat. NEVER BEEN my thing, not to mention some of these tiny bones can get stuck in your craw literally…

I love fish – but without bones!

Same thing with all sort of meat – unless it’s a “single bone” steak like piece, I prefer my meat BONELESS.

Curry’s great, so is Goan Fish Curry which Ive had, probably some versions of the Bengali curry too.

But without bones.

Glyn though is the opposite.

In China, he’d often order that nasty with bones fish – and pick out the bones from his stained teeth in a horrible manner, and spit them – get this – on his plate.

When told not to (its insane, you have to tell a 35 year old these things!) – he’d complain about “but the Chinese do it”.

Yeah, but they also do other things.

You can’t take one cultural oddity, Bozo, and use that as an excuse no matter how nasty it is (I pity the waitresses cleaning up the mess on the plates, for sure, but I’m sur eBozo in Apron would be happy to help ’em?) …

But more than that, he’d chew on those razor thin bones most lewdly and make faces at the girls in a childish sort of manner, everyone would stare at me as if to say “whose this lunatic you brought along”.

I didn’t bring him along.

he just tagged along, “free food” and I didnt have the heart to refuse him.

Was about all I could do to keep my own Xinjiang style dinner down though, looking at Bozo (so i just looked at the gals, hehe).

Anyway, he’s apparently babbling on about Bengali now, God knows why.

And that too copied and pasted from Google.

But I dont know if he’s got anything special planned from Troll Anniversary coming up in about a week’s time, hehe.

Bozo, if you do – write in – let us know!

We’ll all have a good laugh, God knows we all need it!

And on that note, I’m out.

Remember to get the 0 Excuses Fitness System – my friend, truly the best.

ANd leave reviews, as always!


Rahul Mookerjee