If you’re stuck “reliving old memories”, but can never move on …
- This might be worth a read.

And it’s probably applicable to even more people these days than it is not …

In the blockbuster Indian movie Jannat in 2008 (Emraan Hashmi is by far one of the best actors around – his roles, including especially the long haired “disturbed, not at peace with himself” gangster – business man sort in the 2003 “Awarapan” – remind me of myself! – Jannat was no different. Also one of the rare movies I actually WATCHED, even though I was with my then girlfriend at the time in the theater, hehe) – they have a scene where the hero (hashmi) walks up to the cricket captain of a team asking him to fix a match.

His opening line is (upon being questioned “who are you”) – is “if I’m in here, I must be a somebody!) i.e. in an international cricket match, locker room …

He then goes on to show the guy promises of RICHES.

And goes on to ask him this –

Where do you want to be a few years from now, after all the gloss and glitter has settled down?

Like those old cricketers who drown themselves in their sorrow and the glory of the “good ole days”?

(admittedly these days cricket offers a lot of opportunities post retirement, but thats just NOW)

“Some commit suicide, some live, but are really dead inside” … goes Hashmi. He convinces the other guy to fix the match, and all is “set”.

But this last part is what I’m seeing increasingly around me.

Everyone and their mama is sending me (or talking about secretly – or THINKING about) “it used to be so good!”

Yet, precious few, if any people, are looking for the way out in their own tough situations NOW.

Dont get me wrong.

When visualizing a future goal (no, washing up on the shores of “somewhere” taking the first monkey job available isn’t a goal anymore than wiping my ass in the morning is) .. you go back into your  memory banks and REVISIT the past.

The good experiences.

But all too often, people make the cardinal mistake of being STUCK in those memories.

I’ll give you an example – in 2018, I was going through a rough patch for a few months.

I used to constantly think about the good times “before”.

Eventually, the lean patch ended – because I did not simply get into the mindset of “thats how it was”.

I got into the mindset of “it will be BETTER NOW!”

And the sheer negativity I get from people – most – is why I’ve stopped talking to people in general for the most part (unless its DOERS – or a certain Dani (one of my translators) or other doers).

This morning, I was talking with a friend who claims “as a foreigner the only thing he can do is monkey jobs or business with a a local”

And he’s going through some real tough times apparently.

Yet, the way he reacts to it i.e. “I can survive on less than nothing” is what he keeps saying, which is fine, but anytime I ask him to do something other than be a monkey somewhere (which I’m sure he is fully capable of) – the usual stonewalling starts.

And, of course, the “pulling others into the same negative cesspit”.

Not once has this “friend” asked about my plans – what I do – hell, he notices what I do on my site, businesses etc but his thinking?

“He doesnt have a million dollars yet, so thats a worthless business”.

I was going to give this guy advice on how he could do something NOW – that would get him out of the rut he’s in – one of the thing sbeing spending less time yammering on social media about how good it “used to be” – and make good manifest NOW in his life – or in the future.

But I stopped before I started, because much like with when I tried helping Glyn Bozo and his friend (to an extent) Charles, the same thing happened.

They nodded their heads up and down, and went back to secretly thinking “who does he THINK he is!” and inane trolling and so forth (which is fine, but it’s so much a waste of my time and energy dispensing advice when it’s neither wanted nor will the person in front even listen.

As the saying goes, “can’t make that horse drink”)

Yet, the crab mentality persists…

People are more than willing to complain and wallow in self pity.

Yet, when you ask these people what they’re doing to get out of the same ole same ole, it’s a big fat zero – the answer I get.

Which to me is pathetic.

I’d rather someone like a Bezos – or myself – or someone thats a DOER like  a lot of you on this list that do what it takes to get what you want – that understand life is not a bed of roses – and that know that if you keep compromising on your true desires with life, guess what will happen – life will give you exactly that i.e. not what you want.

Hey, you asked for something less, guess what you got ..

THIS of course is one main reason I cannot get along with idiots like Glyn Bozo, his friend Charles and the rest – their whole life revolves around being a monkey and acting like an idiot.

Which is great …

But it’s not the sort I want to hang around with, honestly.

I’d rather have intelligent conversations like I do with you.

Stimulating ones like I do with Daniela, one of my translators and I suppose “friend”, if you get my drift, haha.

With DOERS trying to make something of their lives, and doing so, and not the pessimist sort who either trolls the other sort, or doesnt do so directly, but looks at them and thinks “who the hell does he think he is to dispense all this advice” and then after he’s got to whatever benchmark they’ve set “how could I ever get there”.

It’s just sad, sad, sad.

So for YOU on this list, if you are the sort that keeps looking at old pictures, old memories etc and keeps wondering “I wish those times were back”, well, two things.

One, those times are not back NOW.

And two, they will only be back (but yes, they will be back) if you THINK they will come back, and act accordingly, and constantly going DOWN in life, and being happy to do so ain’t the way either.

Ok, off my soap box … but before that.

A quick one.

When I asked Uncle Bob to climb a hill, he replied with this.

“Thats what God invented fourth gear for!”

Fair enough. hehe.

Then I was complaining to him one day about the hassle of walking to the management office to pick up parcels etc (at the time for some odd reason they wouldn’t deliver direct to the doorstep) – an easy walk for ME the hill climber.

He replied with this …

“From the guy who climbs hills daily, complaining about … “

Today, a friend told me the following about “buying beer”.

I was telling him there was a brand of beer I wanted which is available, but at a store like 5 km from me, and of course nothing that far will deliver home, so he was saying the same thing.

“From a fitness guy …. “

In both cases, the meaning was clear.

“This guy Tom Tom’s his fitness status, yet can’t walk”.

No, my friend(s).

I can walk for hours up and down hills – something CHALLENGING and INTERESTING – all day. And I’ve done it and continue to do it too, to the point that when I move to a new apartment, first thing I look for is (after if the owners have sprayed the place down properly for bugs etc i.e. professional pest control without which I won’t hand over a red cent no matter how glitzy the damned place is, and everything works i.e. appliances is this – is there a HILL – or hilly terrain right next door?)

Give me some inane and ANNOYING activity to do – a BORING activity that doesn’t either challenge me or tax me and is a NUISANCE, and I’ll look for every possible way to avoid it.

Like I did Dr Kolibal’s Calculus class all those years ago, which I aced despite being drunk in the exams.

“You dont need these Mickey Mouse classes”, I remember him saying.

“You need Princeton, something CHALLENGING!”

He was right. Hehe.

Yours truly does fantastically well when confronted with challenges, something challenging, but some boring crap thats easy to do and a nuisance, and that the Tom Tom’s love, nah, I’ll stay away, thank you!

And Jeez, because  I’m a fitness guy doesnt mean I gotta crawl on my knees through broken glass to prove it to YOU, friend … THAT is the whole point of it. 

Life should be convenient, and we should evolve – upwards – not the other way around!

That doesn’t equate to being a lazy phocker. But if you have a hill right next to you, why walk to another one 5 km down the road?

I’ll wait for the answer I’ll never get, hehe.

To put it another way- Mike Tyson for one ate tons of moose the last I read. And he’s right – it’s good stuff!

He had freezer fulls of it – literally – before I read something about him giving it away or something.

Did he actually go hunt that moose everytime he wanted, and if not, does that take away from his boxing ability?

I swear, the IDIOTIC arguments people make … just UGH!

And for those asking, I’d rather not ride crappy two wheelers in China or elsewhere. Nothing against those that put their lives in danger daily to do so (apparently those from certain “rich” countries do this daily in third world nations), but I value my life more, and I’d rather a car or nothing …

That trusty Didi, Uber, or whatever it might be.

I’m out – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS. – Remember, the pre-order for the VERY BEST COURSE out there – or yet to be put out will end soon. Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness – and there’s the link for those interested (you should be).

PPS – I cannot STAND types like the above who secretly “laugh” and outwardly “praise”. Like Glyn Bozo, for one, before he was found out. Just LOSERS with a capital L! (content to let life’s waters pull them along on whichever route they do) …

PPS #1 – This guy told me “it would be a great workout” i.e. the boring repetitive nonsensical crap he was referring to.

Maybe. Maybe not (I’d say the latter for me).

But even if it would, why would I WANT to go through all the hassle, when I can get in better workouts – and do – within the cool privacy of my A/C room daily ?

And how to do it – well, I talk about it – and SHOW you – quite literally – in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

As Michael Harding from Australia once said “he’s got the gains on the board!

Now THAT was an honest admission. Michael Mookerjee doesnt agree with Harding on a lot of things, but we’re both at least HONEST about things…