“Grip it like a MAN!”
- YES - grip strength is where it's AT!

I’ll never forget the night a huge black dude came over to me in the dorms  – I was “shooting the bull” with some girls – and said hey, or whatsup or something.

I shook his hand – remember, I was a puny 17 year old straight out of high school (they weren’t that old either, but they make them BIG DOWN SOUTH!).

And I’ve always had an especially weak grip – not to mention the injuries etc suffered as a teenager on my right wrist (oddly, my left hand was ALWAYS stronger naturally – not anymore, but thats how it was) …

And I gripped his hand, and remember him laughing.

He said something that has been repeated to me all my life post that.

“Why you grip my hand so hard, man!”

And then he laughed – something that has NOT been repeated. Haha.

“Thats a mans grip, Habib!” and off he went (he could have crushed me into two if he wanted to – that was a BIG boy).

(I think he also asked me to grip harder, and I tried my damndest, but couldn’t beat him. Haha. But he saw that I was giving it my all, he had that look in his eye men have when they KNOW the other man will do it or die trying – ’nuff said!)


No bigger than my student Gianni though – an Italian ex wrestler and army man who I taught English to occasionally on a one on one private basis – one evening, I was teaching his girlfriend, and he came in from work, and of course, I had to give him the Gorilla Grip, hehe.

He didnt laugh though!

And he was witness to perhaps the worst and most painful injury I’ve ever had thus far – that thumb popping in and out on the cold wintry evening which made it feel like below freezing (the wind and sleet) in China.


Anyway – I read something about Sly Stallone recently.

All the usual drama about him cheating on wives and what not of course, and his achievements, but an interesting tid bit about his daughters – apparently Sly is a huge softie with them, and when men come knocking on the door to date ’em, he doesnt go all Rambo on them in a gruff sort of manner.

But what he does do is those with a limp grip – and there are many apparently – he gives them the LOOK.

And says “Grip like a man!” 

That one statement would do it for me! Hehe.

But I can relate, I’m the same way with my little girl.

And GRIP wise?


EVERY time I feel a weak grip from a man, I remember women with stronger grips!

Much like Sly does, I teach my daughter how to throw a punch – how to fight (street fight) – and how to exercise “boys style”.

Sometimes I go to extremes, or have in the past, but at least she, like Sly’s daughter’s never has to worry about getting bullied.

Remember that instance in Kiddie Fitness where I stood behind her and literally told her to SMACK the other kid straight in the face (he hit her for no reason)?

His Dad was there. Big dude!

I told my daughter anyway, I would have backed her up – and I did that day. That was years ago, of course, but still – the mentality persists!

Yours truly was roundly bullied in school – a LOT.

Sly too.

Yours truly was trolled, bullied as an adult too – until I just stopped taking it and gave it back x 1000.

And when I see idiots that claim “you act like grip training is more important than breathing!” from phat phocks with crap grips – and even otherwise accomplished men who can’t grip worth a damn, I gotta shake my head and say “what they BE thinking”.

Nothing screams REAL Man out quite as loud as your GRIP!

The last thing to go is always the punch – and the grip too!

And I’d rather have my kung fu like grip I was forced to develop – or else.

And I did so!

Of course I’m not a hero like some of the guys on this list are, most notably a customer John Walker, whose tale of sheer and utter heroism still moves me.

Out there on the cliff, true Cliffhanger Story, if Sly reads this ever, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts he’ll be applauding too!

Anyway, two of the best courses out there for developing the GRIP –

Gorilla Grip 

Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) 

And, the TIPS too …

Have at! (if you’re a real man, of course – if you’re a wimp and sissy that claims “grip training ain’t important” – then thats your choice!)


Rahul Mookerjee