Language Translations – and more!
- Here we GO!

Well, well, well!

I’ve been busy as a bee all morning – and as we continue on our QUEST to be the “Amazon of the Fitness world” (and above and beyond) (not really, hehe) – here’s more big news!

For some of you, anyway.

Hardcover books (for some of our most popular books) was the first big news – that I told you yesterday, and again today.

And now, without further ado – I’ve been speaking of translations, and translators forever haven’t I??

And, for a long time – when people asked me for Spanish language translations for my books, or others – I’d just redirect them to the Amazon pages for the same.

I still do that, of course. We could sell HERE on this site – but translations involve intermediaries, third parties, and their work (i.e. the translators) and keeping up with payments etc gets complicated so Amazon (and Google in the future) works BEST in this regard.

But what I never did until now for you guys was put these links directly on the site, and thats been rectified now.

Spanish language and Portugese language books are LIVE on the site – those that have been done  ,that is.

And you can access the list of translations by going HERE – and clicking whichever language you want.

Currently we have Spanish and Portugese up on this site.

On the other site, it’s French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish – and – perhaps most “intriguingly” down the line – HINDI too!

But this site, I’ve kept it simple for now – but I’ll add the other languages in later.

Lots and lots of work, creating all the pages etc, but all great fun …

Have at – oh, and you might notice that the sales pages are all “on one page”.

Thats fine -because … not everyone, especially translators are as adept at writing long ass 12 page sales letters (that despite what the Bozos claim about keeping it concise convert like HOTCAKES – ever wonder why Google and Amazon allow huge descriptions for books?? You got it!) …

That, and on this site?

As I’ve said before the focus shall remain English.

But, since many of you have asked privately, I figured I’d put the links out to the other languages on the site for easy access, and so I don’t need to keep emailing it over.

In the FUTURE, we will sell these directly here most likely – for now, Amazon will do the trick.

And on that note – something else!

You out there that is interested in PROMOTING our English language products and marketing them as affiliates?

Well, you were – and are – always welcome to do so!

In the past, I had the affiliates section up on this site, but it got very cumbersome, and required a re-haul.

Which is almost done from a coding standpoint, so stand by – you’ll see the affiliates section up shortly on the site too i.e. if you’re a 0 Excuses Fitness Affiliate … well, you’ll be able to login, track your sales and all that fun stuff “in one place”.

Speaking of fun stuff, I’m out for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PPS – And remember, as i’ve been saying, hardcover books available now too for a lot of the English language books – check out the usual order pages for more.