HARDCOVER BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- This is HUGE.

This is huge, my friend, HUGE!!!

Lots of you have ordered the paperback versions of the books we have – that makes me so proud to have my books sitting on someone’s mantelpiece when I walk into their homes!

(That happened the other day).

And it makes YOU proud too – to be the owner of some of the most superb, best, and results producing training manuals out there from someone considered to be the “creme la de creme” of bodyweight fitness – or if you were to go one better, and Rahul Mookerjee style “The Stella Artois of Fitness”.

(No, in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t given those names by Rahul hehe. It is customer feedback!)

Anyway ….

In addition to paperbacks, over the past few days, I’ve been dabbling around with the idea of HARDCOVER BOOKS!

Remember those when we were growing up?

Those books with a solid cover you could damn near take a hammer to, stand on to reach the top shelf, and pretty much use it as you liked – and the top cover had that glossy “front cover” on it?

which you could take off, or put back on …

The good ole days, hehe.

And we’re bringing them BACK here.

0 Excuses Fitness for one is now available in not just paperback and digital format – which it used to be – but starting TODAY – as of NOW – it’s also available in HARDCOVER format!

The ordering procedure is the same for those of you interested – and I bet a LOT will be – just email me your address if you haven’t already upon placing your order (until we get that extra text area box in the form, thats how it is going to have to BE!) … and it will be DONE.

Shipping included as always.

Rahul’s version of Amazon Prime, hehe.

And of course, check out the page here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System (we’ve updated prices etc for all the options).

We ain’t stopping there either.

As of NOW, I’m off to work it such that Pushup Central and Isometric and Flexibility Training will be the next in HARDCOVER format!

And more down the line too – very soon. Keep checking the sales page for updates on that!

Oh, Battletank Shoulders will be hardcover too – thats another CLASSIC!

And it deserves it.

So, I’m off to take care of all this. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Unlike in the digital download, the HARDCOVER book will contain “never seen before” pictures of me at the end – when I was a phat phock – in between – and then a stud and super stud. You will want to grab this classic, truly COllector’s Edition now!