Why I rarely if ever anymore engage in idle banter, or even private chats etc unless…
- It's MEANINGFUL, backed up by MEANINGFUL conversation ...

… It’s why I got off Facebook as well, and never get on it anymore.

Nigh every time I’ve tried to have MEANINGFUL conversations with people about anything on any social media, or in general even – it’s usually always come up with a huge fat zero.

What do I mean?

Well, conversation for most people seems to have (especially over the past few years) descended into inane meme fests, and “how much did you drink last night”, and other nonsense that is I guess part of normal conversation – but to me, never the entir epackage – and a waste of time on it’s own.

And energy sucking as well i.e. you have to reply to the memes, videos or the “China did this!” political stuff …

Funny part is this.

When I reply to any of it – and reply rationally – yall know me, I believe in giving proper reasoned rational answers to anything posed of me – the answer I get?


More inanity without addressing what I said.

(of course, when some idiot with some “validation metric” such as “oooh, one million folloooowwwweeers!” says the same thing in less than concise terms – these same idiots will listen, reply, and reply more – purely for their own “social validation” – as opposed to engage in meaningful back and forth with someone with lesser “numbers” of followers, but far more engaged per person i.e. my 6000 on the now defunct LinkedIn vs 40000 NOT SO ENGAGED followers someone might have on Shitter or what not)

I take the time to send long emails, lengthy voice messages and so forth – and what happens – crickets – and no acknowledgement – and more crickets, but all the time in the world for INANITY.

I’ve always had the feeling ever since growing up a lot of people have the tendency to use me for free entertainment.

i.e. get on long meaningless calls and keep asking “so what else is new”.

I so HATE it when people start with that sort of nonsense, when you ask THEM what is new, they rebut it with “you tell me” and never answer whats going on with them.

Look, if you want idiotic entertainment stare at the Tee Vee (is what I should tell these people).

But it would bounce off them like water off a duck’s back (slide).

Last night was one of those rare occasions I spoke to a few people – my translator and friend Dani included or “more than friends”, or whatever you call it.

And on all occasions, after saying what I did – I was disappointed. (except with Dani)


No-one bothered to respond.

Not because they didnt listen, or hear me – or what I said wasn’t making sense.

I posed some hard questions of certain people – such as why, for instance, some guy from Australia or the UK would continue to slum it out in a country like Bangladesh (ok, he’s into ESL apparently, but still!) – with no job for years, and not go back?

I mean, even the ghettos back home gotta be better than living off freebies and handouts in Bangladesh??

Which is a question I’d pose myself in that situation.

That was just one person, and admittedly this ESL sort tends to be like this, but during the hey days of ESL with easy money on offer, albeit “easy come easy go” sort – I could sort of understand it.

But now, for years, when all that has dried up .. .

Returning home might not be the easiest thing – why?

Because no freebies, I suspect.

Which people dont want to admit, so they do one of the following – sidetrack the question itself, or they admit it to me, and then behind my back laugh about it like Schofield did and smoulder “how dare he” and make racist memes and what not.

Nothing to me spells out LOSER in capital letters more than that … NOTHING.

I mean, if someone is taking the time to type something out to you – have the decency to type back – or respond back.

If someone sends you a heartfelt rational email – REPLY back (or don’t get in touch with the person in the first place!).

And please dont get back saying “I’m busy” or “lets meet in person”

If either one of those was applicable – the person wouldn’t be contacting me in the first place.

Anyway, what do I know.

I’m just Mr Cranky in that regard, but I guess I have a high standard for respect …

And it’s another reason, I suppose, why I’ve had the best conversations often times with women i.e. if she’s truly into you, which many are (and this isn’t just girls, it’s anyone!) – then the person will take the time to read what you’re saying – digest it – and REPLY.

Not just continue with the meme fest or free entertainment nonsense …

Anyway, enough on that (as I can hear the trolls sharpening their attack fingers, hehe) …

Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here, and invest some of that time you spend on social media on your OWN life – and what matters i.e your own FITNESS.

You’ll never regret it!


Rahul Mookerjee