Why TRUE visionaries rarely, if EVER “work for others”.
- A must read, my friend, if you're interested in success in any way, shape or form.

I’ll never forget what Carol once told me about myself in 2015.

I was fat, out of shape, and was going through a terrible “down time” when I met her in … well, lets say July 2015 was when we “met”. The tumult – excitement – EUPHORIA and EXHILIRATION ended in a way it never has for either one of us – (yes, even me with all my experience in that area!) …

But before it did, she made this one comment before pushing me for “my future plans” which I hate when someone asks or does that because it’l happen when it does is my motto ultimately – always lived life that way – and she knew it, she knew too ultimately i wouldn’t change and pushing me to conform even to the slightest “set” boundaries wouldn’t work.

“You no need job!”

I didnt need to hear that. Hehe. I didnt want one, never have!

“You need maybe do some business, something, for you, that better!”

I didnt need to hear that either – although I Wasn’t actively doing at that point, I wanted to!

(I dont mean just this business either – to Carol, “online business” isn’t business unless it rakes in a mil or so per month, hehe).

Thats female thinking for you, and she was an ultra smart girl – I’ll say that.

But anyway, even Jeff Bezos quit his own high paying job … and was roundly told not to – and spent years – like 20 years at least building Amazon up to where it is (and is now doing the same thing for his space venture which no-one thinks about – but that will be his next big thing as Amazon crashes – just wait and watch!).

To me what happened at THAT job sums it up best.

They loved me, couldn’t get enough of me – well, my results, hehe. Whether or not they couldn’t get enough of me is debatable – I say they couldn’t – but we can say without any shred of doubt my results are what kept the praise and ultimate RAISE flowing.

Except, they were short sighted.

Hell, the boss himself told me once while hollering at me … “maybe thats why we dont grow “so big””.

Which is typical of the city he is in apparently, apparently (or so my Dad once said) “Mumbai is where the real visionaries are, Delhi is mostly small businesses content to remain small”.

Oddly enough Dad chose to settle in Delhi …

Anyway, I dont know if Dad is right.

I’d say NO.

I’d say any city – any place – anywhere in the world has visionaries – people that dont settle for anything less than what they want and desire ultimately – people who will pull out ALL Stops to get to where it is they want to be – panic demic or not – economy or not – good or bad.

Whatever it takes.

Anyway, as I mention in the book, plans to can me were in the works ever since I badgered a raise out of them.

“How dare he ask!”

But, they had no excuse to do it, so they hired another guy at a slightly higher base salary – and asked me to “transfer my skills” to them.

Unfortunately, they failed to realize I wasn’t that dumb.

Neither could my mind be transferred over. Hehe.

That ONE hour of work per day, usually drunk that brought in so much money … couldn’t be transferred over, and if it could, I wouldn’t do do it – and wasn’t shy about saying so.

Like signing my own “letter of termination” as it were, the way I saw it (and so did they. Hehe).

Ultimately events led to them “firing me”. Then, I worked for them part time, then full time again – then part time – and it continued for a while.

Ala a certain Michael in Dongguan who once got “fired”, then got rehired part time at somewhat higher pay, and so forth .

No wonder my English name is Michael! Hehe.

Anyway, the guy that was hired to so called work “under me” – while I couldn’t supervise him anyway except “when I was allowed to” – – curiously at a higher salary than me, hehe – (this was before it all fell apart, as it always does!) … what happene dto HIM after I left?

A month later, he was canned.

Six months of ZERO sales from him basically. Or three months or whatever it was.

Then, another guy they interviewed on the sly while Iwas there showed up.

One year later, he left.

I spoke to him later – he had the same grouses!

Point being this – the company itself didnt want to grow beyond a certain point, and the only people that grew there were people that were content to grow “until a certain limit”.

It’s insane, I once asked the “senior sales manager” (remember, the guy who had leads coming to him on a platter, couldn’t close them, yet was so called senior to me the first time I was there, second time, they decided to “teach me a lesson” and put me directly – sort of – under him) … about his new car.

And he replied with basically saying “it’s a level lower than what the boss bought”.

Being he could afford what the boss bought I idly asked him why not what the boss had?

“Because I’m not at that level”

It had nothing to do with that. Hehe.

It was about “giving the boss face”.

Anyway – that aside, two months into that term, that guy once asked me to write proposals or what not for him – until then, he had been hands off with me, but then they decided to really “twist the screw” and see how far it went.

It was a retarded project, and I told the guy that.

Big boss roasted me, challenged me to quit on the spot if I could.

“he’s married now, he won’t quit”.


I quit that evening, and managed to pester them to allow me an extra two weeks with the company laptop until I found the Toshiba I liked. Hehe.

Now, where am I going with all this.

Is this – if my vision was “the company’s vision i.e. as much as the boss likes, when he likes, as he likes”, I’d have been there for YEARS (which is what one person told me I would be anyway).

I’d be sitting there TODAY most likely.

As with a couple of my other jobs …

But that wasn’t me.

Thats the one thing with me you cannot ever control, friend.

My mind – my freedom, always wanting MORE than what I have – all of YOU should want that too!

And fitness wise, always remember – it’s only by striving for the BEST – and constantly doing so that you maintain your CURRENT LEVELS.

I’ll end this by saying what I did on my other Twitter acccount.

Ultimately it’s VISION – that makes money – or results in whichever form one wants manifest in life.  Vision require brains and persistence above all. So many people get it wrong about what is “required” …

And that, my friend, is that.

Fitness wise, think about your vision – and the tools YOU need to get there!


Rahul Mookerjee

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