Why I certainly don’t hate cucks, Bozos, faggots, SJW’s, simpering sissies, drooping lillies, libtards and the lot…
- I can't stand them, dont get me wrong, but ...

And any other rainbow movement nonsense not covered above, or other faggoty “trolly Schofield” types not mentioned above.

Dont get me wrong – I cannot STAND them.

I repeat.

I can’t stand them, and do all I can to keep them away from ME personally – and my life (sorta).

More on that below, but for now, my decidely very right wing views generate plenty of comments to the like and tune of “you’re white man in Indian body!” – or “so racissssssssst!”  or “NOT marriage material” (that Im not admittedly, and wouldn’t want to be either) or other nonsense about non tolerance.


I’m actually one of the most tolerant people you’ll ever meet.

I could care less what someone does in the privacy of their own bedroom – one, two, three people – so long as its SSC i.e. safe, sane and consensual acts between consenting human adults.

I honestly dont care if “my favorite football player was caught pants down bent over in panties” (thats happened in the past) or “with another guy” or what not.

Hey, it happens.

We all have “preferences”, whatever those might be, to me the point is this.

So long as you dont fob them off or try and PUSH them on to ME – hey.

I’m FINE with them!

And am perfectly willing to accept, and will even advocate for YOUR right to choose to live your life the way you want, even if thats Bozo Schofield style.

More –

why would I HATE this sort?

It makes no sense to do so.

Hell, I run a whole another business on another website making plenty of money from these losers!

And trust me, some of those guys are TRULY losers (think Schofield replicas, and you get the picture).

Not so much losers in real life as well as Glyn is, but some of their preferences…

But again, who am I to comment.

Shades of grey, and I say the world is all the more better for it …

But believe me, I dont hate them – even welcome them for their nonsensical reviews which I can then “market” on – hehe.

Which they just dont get, of course, and continue sending them in.

All fodder for the Mookerjee’s mercurial long cannon …

Pun NOT intended.

Ill stop already!


But you get the picture.

Live, and let live, my friend. It’s just that simple.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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