Damp squibs, making a choice and more.
- Sometimes, often times, indeed, always, you gotta fuckin CHOOSE and stick with the choice!

All this B.S. I see – am seeing, rather – spread about lately by a lot of dancing monkeys in China that have been forced to leave – and truth be told, Idont blame China.

There was always a time they were going to stop extending visas forever “willy nilly”.

The free ride and the monkey jobs never would last forever, and I said this WAY back in 2014 to Charles.

Of course, he wouldn’t listen to someone that said it like it IS.

He instead asked my friend Glenn who was kind enough to give him the answer he WANTED to hear i.e. “no, your job won’t go away” as opposed to the answer it WAS i.e. I gave i.e. this dancing monkey show was never serious, and will NOT last, and bingo, as Charles found out in his own business – it didnt.

(Glenn’s a qualified chef by the way. So, he knew this as well as I did. Hehe).

(and, he’s always, like me, been one for working legally as opposed to a lot of the monkeys out there on biz, tourist visas etc and pretending to be real teachers (like Glyn – though even he when not drunk, I gotta give it to him said ESL was just a joke – one of the few if any sage comments Bozo made, which tells you a lot about ESL, teachers like him taking dumps in classes for one) …

Anyway, I saw this on WeShat.

“I left China, I took a job instantly upon returning home, applied for others, but my HEART is still in China”.

This, my friend, is just pathetic because … (I’m not going to name the person).

The person also told me a lot about how he hates China’s policies, how China is turning into the new North Korea and so forth- yet, other hand, publicly, this is what he says.

My point is simple.

China is what it is.

And the REAL reason these guys miss China isn’t because their heart is there, in most cases, they dont even know a lot about Chinese culture etc (beyond the silly dinners etc).

The more you stay there, the more you realize about how LITTLE you know about it.

And you’ll never be Chinese, like Mark Kitto so rightly once said.

Now that was a real business man, not a monkey.

Bozo said “he’s a nobody” while ESL teachers were “somebodies” which in itself should tell you a lot…

The real reason they miss China is staying drunk and making money while drunk – barely enough to cover rent, but they get by.

Back home, that’s a pipe dream if anything …

And more to the point.

Gotta make a choice, friend.

If you love China that much, get a real job, a working visa and STAY THERE.

Ah, but there’s the catch – a real job, and getting it!

I told Gorilla Girl Sophia this, and she agrees.

And other hand, these people are right about China turning into the new North Korea – but then “my heart is there??”

Gotta make a choice.

And of course, they’ll never say it like it is on social media for fear of being “banned”.

Like, who cares is my thought.

LinkedIn where I had more than 6000 – or overall more than 10 K followers banned me overnight, much like Twitter did Trump – no warnings, no notices, no REAL REASON EVEN – except CCP didnt like those posts!

Rather than beg with them to reinstate the account, I basically told them to piss off (politely).

Like, who cares.

I realize not everyone is that cavalier…

But, at a certain point you gotta take a stance, precisely what thes elosers in ESL never do, always floating about on logs in the ocean “whereever we end up”.

Pathetic, to me, it leaves me with a damp squib feeling, hence I hardly ever chat with these people (other than the ones, like a certain “Mydnight” who do say it like it is, and they may not say it publicly but neither do they make wishy washy Tom Tom statement publicly).

Thats fine, if its not true, dont say it.

But Tom Tom wishy washy nonsense – I Cant’ stand it!


………………….. As was the PPV last night, hehe.

Holyfield never looked like he was mentally into it.

I dont know if it’s declining reflexes or what, but that wasn’t the Holyfield we all knew, and I agree with Trump i.e. I hope the great man doesn’t box again, at least not like this, because it’s a disservice to his great legacy!

Takes nothing away from the champ Vitor though …

I suppose I could tell you all about how “its the size of the fight in the dog that matters, not pure size” (Holyfield is bigger, heavier, has a ton more experience”) but none of that would apply here.

Because Holyfield simply wasn’t mentally ready, it wasn’t an even playing field in that regard.

From what it seemed, he didnt “have it any more” – unless what Trump said about “maybe the fight is staged like the elections” is true. Hehe.

I dont know.

But that ended rather soon!

Anyway, YOU on this list (a lot of you) gotta make a choice, my friend.

Will today be the day you step off the fence, and as my roomie said DO something for your own fitness?

If so, take the first step by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness system here – truly the “gift that keeps giving” – long after you bought it!

And remember – folks – review, review, review!

I’ve been going hoarse saying it…

Y’all know what I am going to say next, so I wont say it.

So – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If these people said that “my heart is there” about their OWN Countries (example – Gorilla Girl is Chinese, and she DOES want to move elsewhere) then I’d get it. 

But of course, they have nothing but negative things to say about their own great countries, how else would they Tom Tom the new North Korea… eh. 


(A guy on the other site said it best “sorry to bust your dream but ..” (or, I dont want to bust your dream, but… )