The first real “frat” party I was invited to.
- I didnt even know what frats were, hehe.

John, my genial and friendly roomie during my first semester in college invited me to a frat party my first day in the dorm.

Or second, I think.

Or I think the night of the first!

“He’s just off a 32 hour flight!” my Uncle who had dropped me off there remarked.

(with all the layovers, it was well over 40 I’d say!)

John shrugged as if it was 32 minutes.

“You must be tired”, he grinned.

Now, that party – he invited me later, and I said no – not because I didnt want to go, or was too tired or what not …

And he accepted that with his usual casual “OK” and he was off for the festivities.

(I remember people telling me and “teaching me about US culture” later, curiously enough people who themselves were from India and did all they could to stay AWAY from real US culture – thats one thing I dont get about a lot of immigrants, it’s fine to stay to your own people etc, but then why show up at all in the US or other countries if you wont mingle at all with their culture, the people there? I could never get it! – anyway, they told me “Yo ushould have accepted!” (from people who couldn’t even explain to me what a frat was) – and “he’ll never invite you again!” – and “its not like India, here, the culture is different, you have to say yes if you want it!”) …


Hell, the culture shock was hitting me – HARD!

For a callow 17 year old – at the time from India, which was nowhere near as open in many regards as the US was, and of course my own upbringing etc – it was hitting me with all the force of a Gorilla and Abrams tank combined.

I was just – my head was just spinning with the girls for one, hehe.

I had never seen anything like it!

I could have probably at that point still drank the fat boys – I mean the frat boys, hehe – under the table.


I still remember my Mom remarking to my Dad’s friend (the day before I left for the US way back in the day) “you’ve given him too much beer to drink!”

He responded with …

“<name chopped> how will you stop him when he GETS THERE!”


BEER was something I’ve always been interested in, hehe . Not so much women (well that too) – but given a choice, I’d take the beer (despite all the tales I have about women and such) ..

Anyway … at that time, that frat party, I dont know, I’ll admit it.

I was intimidated by the jocks and girls there, perhaps.

Yes, yours truly was not just a phat phock at a certain point in his life.

He was a NERD par excellence too. Hehe. (I even wore them damn neardy pajamas, I remember one night standing outside smoking during  fire drill orsomething, everyone was in shorts, I was the only idiot in a full blown “Pajama suit” – I felt like Wooster in PG wodehouse! Hehe.)

(but he got drunk and aced Calculus exams, so it was worth it too!)

(and gals in Calculus would often invite me back to their dorm rooms – another tale there, hehe).

(not to help them with their HW if you get my drift. I’ll leave that to the Bozo types).

But anyway … I cannot help but chuckle.


I’d be looking at it saying”Pah!”

Given what I’ve seen and the blocks I’ve been around – it would seem nigh positively BORING.

My my. What a sea change, eh.

By the way, I never did go to those frat parties.

I found them silly, even when I got used to the culture which like at that job where they were marveling about me needing NO weaning in period, it took me like a week.

The REVERSE culture shock a year later in 1999 I believe hit me the worst, I was like WTF.

And I’ve never lived “permanently” in India after that.

It’s interesting, all these stories these days on social media about pandering, culture shock etc.

Yours truly has always been thrown in at the deep end either willingly or not, and I’ve found a way to survive and THRIVE.

And its those lessons – the mentality – I infuse into all my fitness books and programs, my friend.

Because ultimately, and I’ve been saying this for years, it’s about your survival.

Simple as that.

Not getting the vaccine doesnt mean you wont survive and thrive. I ain’t got it, and dont plan on getting it either.

But your health, fitness, in a world so rapidly changing and crumbling at the seams, how you maintain your body when the machines are not there, the Gym is shut, and there is chaos everywhere in general.

That is what counts, friend.

Ask any of the FIGHTERS tonight in the ring, they’ll tell you the same thing.

Ask Trump, so will he!

Ask anyone with half a brain – so will he- or she.

(Ask me back in the day when I was remarking on my roommate’s gym routine – roomie #2 after john – and I was like “I need to workout”. 

He looked at me. 

“But you’ll never do it, will you!” 

I made some excuse about “the girls there will see my unfit ass” 

He pooh pohhed it. Fuck ’em! They’re hot and sweaty too!)

Ask me today and now, well .. 

I truly come from a place where I’ve had experience in it ALL, including being a lazy ass and excuse maker par excellence.

Enough on that note – but remember to pick up the SURVIVAL infused fitness system of the century right here, my friend.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

There is truly no better investment you can make today than in your (lifelong) health and FITNESS!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Know what I loved MOST – culture shocks aside?

Not the gals, the cars, the beer, none of that.


Personal and individual LIBERTY! (despite being from a democracy, I had never experienced anything like it anywhere).

Till date, THAT TO ME is what exemplifies America the most. Yes, even in this day when people are doing all they can (most notably the sorry excuse of a man leading the nation) to achieve the polar opposite.

And its why I cannot understand why people regard it as “not important”.

Everyone wants it.


And it’s WORTH it, so WORTH IT.

Even if it means idiots calling me “white” because “its only they who have freedom” and think this way.

White, black, red, purple from Mars or Venus, like who gives a flying fuck.

It ain’t about race. It’s about THINKING! THE right way …

Not like the people calling me that have not traveled as much or more than I have, it’s insane how people dont get it regardless. THOUGHT!