Why do people have to pretend to be something they’re not – I dont get it!
- I really dont


I really, really don’t get it.

This constant line of wannabe’s and idiots pretending to be someone they’re not …

Like our friend Glyn Bozo for instance.

He keeps signing up for the site (and getting auto deleted from all of them) with ID’s like “funcuck” and inanity about being a “beta male” and so forth.

Like the entire world already knows the cuckold Glyn Schofield in Brum is so I dont get the point of driving the “same point in”?

I mean repetition of the same chant, the same incantation, the same affirmation leads to belief – and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. 

(the great Claude Bristol, not me, I’m perhaps, along with Trump, his best student! Hehe)

But it’s pointless if the belief is already there.

Of course, it’s never pointless if the belief isn’t.

And Bi polar Bozo, of course, his beliefs deep “down” in more ways than one keep changing, so I guess hes trying to attract, miserably fail, and thefore keeps coming back here for more free advice.

Hey, Glyn.

Be a man for once in your life, and apply for coaching

We’ll see what we can do – even you have hope.

I’ll sort you out for sure, but you have to be willing to, like I said, be a “man” for once in your life, which might be too hard…

Or hell, be a woman.

Be a real something – anything!

Don’t pretend, just because some girl told you’re you’re fun (so she can take your money that you stole from another girl and then scoot off saying “God, that was an awful experience!!”) that you are.

You’re the polar opposite.

Anyway …

He ain’t the only one.

There are a lot of wannabes out there, I dont know, maybe they need to “self justify their existence” – their sorry, sad existence on planet Terra Firma…

For example, those that when you talk about problems anywhere, reply with “it happens everywhere!’

I remember discussing the recent heavy rains in India (and China) with my wife.

And I was bitching about the fact that EVERYTHING stops working if it rains even a drop – in India.

Amazon won’t deliver. The toilets overflow (UGH!!!) – the water stops – the electricity flickers, roads turn into RAGING TORRENTS, RIVERS, literally waterfalls and so forth.

In the past she’d agree.


She brought up some case in the UK where “it happens there too!”

ONE apartment block!

True, the Brum sewer did get blocked due to Glyn sitting in it.

True, the US sees plenty of that too.

But as a matter of general course, not everythign stops working – and justifying it, or attempting to by saying “it happens there too” and pointing out ONE ISOLATED case as proof is more of the above.

Pretension never works. 

SOLVING PROBLEMS WORKS – and that only happens when you first acknowledge there IS A PROBLEM!

Simply saying “nothing ever changes” means nothing ever will.

Even Rambo, in IV, said that, but ultimately he changed things, because he took solid action! (the girl awoke his warrior which had become apathetic and dormant!)

China of course ain’t immune in that regard either – as you can see from what happened in Zhengzhou, and of course the horrific attempts made to cover it up.

I dont know if y’all saw it, but I posted on Twitter.

And it was a brief video clip of what the CCP and it’s goons try to do – against people that dare to report them publicly and say it like is.

https://twitter.com/0xcusesfitness/status/1420989075784302594?s=20    – THAT is the link, and it’s tame actually given what goes on behind closed doors.

Pathetic, except China is starting to slowly wake up (the public).

Their only hold (See Xi Pee) was financial.

And now that the thin smokescreen of progress is evaporating, nasty truths are becoming more visible (the public always knew it, but never said much because the lure of money kept them silent) … it’s all falling apart.

…. Then it fell appart…

… Then it fell apart…

As I’ve written about before, oddly I first picked up that song in China! No less!

Even Gorilla Girl asked me the following the other day.

can you tell me some truths

I told her. Haha.

But anyway, quit being a pretender, friend (for those that are).

It leads nowhere, as you can see from the Bozo’s example…

Become a real man.


Quit pretending that pumping at the Jim “Jassy style” and getting your shoulder massaged after each set of 5 reps with pinkie dumbells is getting you in better shape – it’s not.

In Jassy’s case, she’s starving yourself, and the wannabes and posers though?

I mean, get real. You KNOW Pumping and toning leads nowhere – or you wouldn’t be reading this.

You know you’re sitting there, getting fatter and more miserable by the day – those of you that are. You KNOW that YOU want to get in the best shape of your life, for one, but cannot do it with the current tools you have, and so forth.

My point is, and it ain’t just fitness.

Don’t pretend.

Admit your shortcomings and flaws.

Thats how to be a REAL MAN!

Start right here, and get in the best shape of your life to boot as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – It’s REALITY that really works, not pretensions! We create it, true, but not on the basis of airy fairy “I’m this” (when you’re not)… !

PPS – My wife once told me that (this came from some Bozo astrologer with sooooooo many followers or what not) “2021 and 22 will be the year of the pretender”.


But truth be told, and yours truly SEER is saying this, it’s been going on forever.

IT needs to stop – NOW!

Stop NOW, my friend. Get REAL – training wise too!