When times “seem slow” …
- They arent if you can see behind the scenes!

Some days just seem slow, don’t they, my friend.

Not just the Fridays either – you business folks will appreciate the truism of what I’m saying here in 2021!

Last night, I woke up to yet another horrible experience from Payoneer, who I’ve written about before.

Apparently this company sees fit to randomly block accounts – when you ask them “why” it was blocked in the first place, they dont reply – and when they do reply after literally WEEKS (literally the most terrible service I’ve ever seen, and thats saying a hell of a lot!) – they say “routine” something and won’t give you details.

OK, great.

Then you get a payment in – and it’s – blocked!!!!

You ask them why.

NO response, of course.

You ask them to unblock.

No response!

It’s like they hold your money (they’re basically one of those intermediaries a lot of people including myself use – but I’m now moving away from them – have already for the most part, but still use them for a few “dibs and dabs” as it were) forever – and could care less about telling you why, or even releasing it.

Twitter, emails, all go unanswered, this for a very public company, and this ain’t just my experience either with them.

When you post on their forums, you get a warning not to.

In other words, they’re the online example of dictatorship we’d ALL like to avoid. Hehe.

Unfortunately for them, I filed a long claim with them with the BBB.

We’ll see what happens.

But that brings to mind another memory – wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the day – 1999, I believe.

I had a booked a flight from Houston to New Delhi, I believe via one of those agencies that were all the rage back then.

They booked me on one of the crappiest flights ever “Royal Jordanian” (who even rationed the beer on the flight apparently – but the Sikh dude next to me was uber cool!

“It doesnt matter” he told me. “I’ll order it for me, and give it to you!”

Sage! And so he did, hehe)

Anyway, the airport, the long ass flight back to New Delhi when I finally did make it – and then a week or so later it seemed, back to Houston again – thats another tale unto itself which I’ll regale you with sometime. Thankfully the hotel they put us up at Jordan when connecting flights etc went wrong had … a BAR!

Right smack in the middle of the desert. No security even, because no-one would make it too far in that heat!) . . .

. . . Anyway, it’s like they hold your money arbitrarily, and won’t reply to you, or unblock it “Except on their own sweet time”.

Then there’s a few other annoyances to deal with.

All in all, I woke up in the morning – slow day  – none of it really resolved.

Now, the payments itself are hardly something I’d sweat over. Like I said, Payoneer is just the last remaining dibs and dabs, and if 20 EUR wets their panties, by all means …

But its the principle of the thing that made me file a formal complaint, not to mention the WAY in which they talk to people.

It’s not what you say.

It’s how you say it!

Anyway …

Fitness wise, when I started out, I got results QUICK.

(or I should say, when I started on the routines I promote)

People were looking at me literally every week and saying “Damn, he’s lost a heck of a lot of weight!”

And that in addition to all the other comments I’ve told you about and Tom Tommed roundly.

They were right.

BUt that was the honeymoon phase, my friend.

Soon, gains started to slow, but still come.

The BIG gains were coming – but you wouldn’t know it on the surface as I slogged through each and every workout, sometimes wondering just what the heck I was doing all this for.

I didnt even have a business at this level back then.

I was just doing it!

It came from within!

I didnt know it at the time, but that was the gestation period, my friend, to lay future ground for great gains to come fitness wise in the future (which are now).

Same thing for anything you do in life – or business.

Those slow periods will happen.

You’ll want to complain. Bang your head against a wall. Fight with your spouse. Rant rave. And so forth …

… but it won’t do a smidgeon of good until you realize one thing.

Its all part of the GRAND PLAN!


That your subconscious mind is working for you behind the scenes.

You just, my friend, have to KEEP THE FAITH!

This message is probably very relevant to a lot of you reading this.

If you’re dealing with daily never ending drudgery, or perhaps “costs out the ass”, or a nagging spouse, or whatever – bear in mind this.

If you’ve got an end goal in mind – even if you dont know it – its all part of the grand plan getting you to that goal!

That is how life works.

No exceptions, pally!

Perhaps thats another reason the great Mike Pompeo keeps talking about FAITH – he’s more referring to religious freedom etc, and he’s right, but back of that religious freedom – what do you have?


End of the day God = Allah = Jesus = Joseph = Mary = What have you = Buddha = UNIVERSE!

Simple as that.

Anyway, what do you do during the slow times?

You go back to the basics, and as I’ve said so often.

You focus on what you CAN DO NOW!

Theres always something you can do. ALWAYS!

Mental cleansing , visualization, brief stretches, something, anything.

And what I’m doing now is writing to you – and telling you the following – yet again – that leaving reviews, my friend, written ones – not just ratings – costs you NOTHING but your time.

A few minutes.

And you get it off your chest, and you share a great product with the world, and you get an auto 10% off your next purchase!

Boggles the mind as to why more people aren’t doing it??????

I mean, even if you’re super busy, you’ve got a minute or two to spare?

Anyway, our Google “custom” link is here …  (btw, that page will have special updates etc as we go along, so do bookmark it!)  (see the review link on the right hand side? USE IT!)

Or, you could always do Amazon!

Or, just use the link in the purchase email … that is the best, quickest, and most recommended!

And most of all, pick up a product or two – start your weekend off RIGHT – 0 Excuses Fitness Style!

I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Kiddie Fitness has been getting rave reviews, and I’ll be sharing one from a “Mom in Egypt” very soon. Bozo will have kittens x 100, hehe, he’s mentioned in the review in a not so complimentary fashion, hehe. But it’s a great, great review, with results!

PS #2 – Be sure to place your pre-order for another great and upcoming course Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – now.

As I told you, friend. There’s always something you can DO. Do it now!

PPS – I know what y’all BE THINKING.

“Just what the heck is so important about reviews. You ask me to review more than you ask me to buy!!”

This is a recent response I got from Matthew. (I believe in the UK??)

Hey. I get it. LOL.

But Matt, remember, like I’ve said so many times before – reviews – HONEST reviews, not necessarily 5 star (though yes, I suspect if you leave a review, it’ll be FIVE STAR, and thats great, we all love ’em!!) – really, really count!

It’s about YOU ultimately, the experience YOU HAD – how the product helped YOU!

DOERS LOVE HEARING BACK FROM OTHER DOERS – it helps spread the word – its that simple.

So again. Please do take a few minutes out of your busy day to review -much appreciated!

(not to mention it keeps the trolly sorts like Schofield away. Remember, they all have butter fingers ready to troll, so we the DOERS have to counter their rubbish!)

(Though I do miss the Bozo’s reviews, hehe. Maybe he’ll be kind enough to leave a few more we can all chuckle at!!)