Can YOU do it without CHEATING?
- Good question to ask this!

Not the reviews, friend. Hehe. I know you’ll do that for me – without cheating!

You’ve done it before. Hehe.

You’ll do it again – I’ve got full, full faith in YOU!!

But before I get into the “nitty gritties” of this one …

Here’s what I got from the coaching form …

“I’d love to be a part of this great company! 😛 Sign me up!”

From an actual guy whose interested in the newsletter.


A lot of you are – go HERE to sign up though – that coaching link is to apply for coaching from yours truly – life, fitness, business, whatever you want to learn – I’m here to teach ya! (only if you’re a doer, and not a wanker).

As for “part of this great company”, hey, he’s right. IT IS GREAT!

And we’ll let you know when we do an IPO, hehe.

For now, I’ll stick to IPA’a and lagers, heh.

then this –

You have a wonderful product…

Hi, Are you interested in getting your product into large retailers? Please give me a call to discus…

I’ve got no doubt this is Bozo Schofield in one of his saner moods…

(to be fair Bozo did replace “package” with product, but he couldnt stay away from “large”. Hehe. Can’t get away from who we REALLY ARE, eh Glynnie boy)

Call my ass.

When I DID call him back in the day he was “too busy” to answer and always “doing other things” – which involved beer bottles up his anal region for one, which is likely why he was “too busty”.


Anyway … I could write a book on the junk contact I get daily.

Maybe I will someday!

But for now, lets get back to it.

My wife recently told me about my daughter supposedly “cheating”.

When the teacher asks her to do sums or whatever, she gets a perfect 10. Ditto for spelling, and everything else these idiotic, inane and utterly useless “timepass” (parlance in India) – “utter and sheer WASTE OF TIME” online classes ask you to do (I have no clue what exactly, but I’m not missing a lot  given even the books etc TEACHING KIDS ENGLISH – have – MIS SPELLINGS! Given the teachers themselves ain’t got a clue on what they teach half the time … given all the religious crap indoctrination – I mean really, great, freedom of religion, but dont force it down a kids throat!!) … she seems to get a 10.

So the wife checked.

Being my daughter does little to no homework, and finds the most creative ways to get out of doing it (I did the same when I was her age, hehe) – she investigated.

Apparently little Rahul was using an online calculator for the sums, and flipping the page on the sly to copy spellings etc when teacher wasn’t looking.


Smart if nothing else!


In our day, of course, we did it via “pharras” as they call it in Hindi i.e. tiny sheets of paper we’d crumple up into little balls or whatever and stuff ’em up our socks or what not and unfurl them during exam time.

Or, just copy from our neighbors. (which in Hindi is called “Tape Na”. “Tep Le”, is what we told each other. Hehe)

And of course, we’d swallow the paper when found out, or if there was a risk of being found out, and then beaten up or whatever. We’d even burn our exam papers in the markets so we could pass ourselves off as passed and not failed when we went home.

I remember the Bonfires I made at 9PM while smoking, hehe.

“Do what you want”, counseled the wise old man giving us smokes. “But always tell your parents!” 

Ah, but Sir, not all parents are like YOU!

Thats what I am with my daughter though.

Anyway …

Cheating aside, these online classes, kids being cooped up etc at home with cranky adults all day long …

Kids not being able to attend school normally, not being able to run around and play, not being allowed to do anything kids normally do …

I wonder if the world in general has noticed the effect it’s having on kids everywhere.

I’m sure the CCP in China thought of that when they released the plague!

Anyway, sad part?

The typical Tom Tom’s and Bozos everywhere have accepted this as the new norm “because the government said so”.

Especially in India, where from what I can tell people have resigned themselves to the fact thats how it is “because they said so” and anyone that points out the sheer stupidity of whats going on is castigated and told to shut up.

“Complaining does no good”, wail the Tom Tom’s.


My friend, if no-one complained, no-one said a word about anything nothing would ever improve!

NOTHING improves without feedback – hence why I keep asking for REVIEWS AS WELL!

Indeed, sometimes, to the detriment of sales – but to me, reviews and lots of them COUNT!

Honest ones.

If you dont like something, say it. If you love something, say that too!

If you’re on the fence, speak up!


Point is, this lethargy the world in general has slipped into , accepting anal swabs as normal, accepting panic passports as normal, and castigating those of us – a minority that will FIGHT TILL THE DAY WE PASS for our freedoms – is dangerous – very dangerous!

President Trump for one knows this. Valiant guy, still fighting THE GOOD FIGHT!!!. REAL MAN – REAL HERO!

Anyway, that school my daughter goes to – nigh terrible, and I’d never send her there if I had half a choic ein the convoluted so called decision making process that ended up with her going there – hey, I went to that school. I should know!

It’s one of those “brand names” schools – other than the brand – utter tosh.

Come to think of it, given the terrible standard of modern day schooling in most places, I’d probably not want to send her to most places anyway. Hehe.

I’ve ALWAYS recommended homeschooling.

This option was privately given a huge thumbs up by people in the know as well, including a certain Marc “the African Silverback Gorilla”!

Of course, no-one listened. They told me I was a fool.

“That can never work”.

Well, whats happening NOW FRIEND?



x 10000 …. !!!!

Sometimes, you know, there’s a reason they call me a seer!

Anyway … I’m getting a headache just thinking about that school and schools in general. I hated mine – many kids did and do theirs.

But Can YOU do it without cheating?

Lots of long haired ruffians show up in the park claiming “they can do 100 pushups” easy peasy.

Ok, show me, I say.

Like my friend told me all those years ago in Fitness 1010 class in college!

“If he doubts you, just show him!”

I almost did. Hehe.

So when I ask them to show me, they show me the most god awful bumpy pushups ever …

My friend, bouncing up and down ain’t a pushup.

Real men don’t do pushups like that.

If you can give me 20 in PROPER FORM, slowly up and down and there’s a reason I carp on this in Pushup Central, then you’re already ahead of the pack.

(How to do pushups)

(just a snippet)

Or, pull-ups.

The typical Tom Tom’s show up and make long ass claims, but can they DO?


The chinning rod (I mean bar, hehe) breaks when the Bozo hangs on to it for one (its happened to him once. No, he didnt get hurt. Too much “padding” on his fanny if you get my drift).

But really, the number of dudes that swing their way up ..


So as you do your routine today, bear this in mind.

CAN you do it without cheating?

Write back – let me KNOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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