Bozo Schofield is CREAMING HIMSELF, LOL!
- The emails I'm getting!

Sounds like the Bozo is having a very “hot” day!

He’s signed up for a couple of sites that he thinks I know nothing about, hehe.

And he’s having kittens – knowing he’s mentioned on the sites.

Anyway, this is a brief update. I Gotta run, but Hey. Glyn. Leave a review or two, please. We’ll all share in!😂

(Thats the “other site” for y’all that be wondering, the real naughty stuff the Bozo likes, but couldn’t get it if he paid for, hehe. Poor chap!)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If your thinking “Tits and Todgers”, you’d be RIGHT. LOL. Thats the Bozo right there! Truly obsessed is he…

PS #2 – Anyway, that aside – gotta give you a huge update – just finished the “Indian clubs” (Bozo, no, no, NO!) section of Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness. Almost 80% done – You KNO Wwhat happens when I say that i.e. that book is coming out soon, soon, SOONEST!

Reserve your pre-orders NOW.

Back soon!