Why internet tough guys and keyboard warriors aka “Tiny Todger” Schofields love the “block”button
- Much like the cowards they really are, hehe.

A short muse – this.

I’ve never been able to figure it out though.

I get why clowns like Schofield, for one, troll people relentlessly online and are yet face to face “the nicest and calmest person you could ever meet”.

Little did even yours truly, well versed with all this madness know what mad hatters lay lurking beneath the Bozo’s exterior – I mean, I sort of had an idea, but I didn tknow!

And I tried helping him anyway. Fat lot of good it did me.

But on the note of fat, the phat phocker in the last email “Tiny Todger” … ah, but we’ll get to him too.

What I don’t get is this – while I get why they pick on people online (as a great customer said, “it’s only because Glyn knows he could NEVER say it face to face to you, Rahul”) – – why do they block people “all of a sudden”.?

Seems even trolls have a conscience, and shame, hehe.

And if you wittingly or unwittingly provoke it, they block you – because they know they can’t win against you online either. Hehe.

Like the Bozo did back in the day when he sent me a message to the order of “Mate YOU are …”

The rest is unprintable.

I had a nice retort planned for him, mostly laughing at him.

Of course, Bozo blocked me before that.

I wonder why?

I couldn’t “get to him” physically then.

Maybe he was scared I’d reach through the dumbphone. Hehe.

What a loser, basically.

It’s insane.

Then you’ve got “Tiny Todger” “Uncle” I referred to in the last email.

Inexplicably, and even more insane, I checked the profile after I wrote the last email.

About him.

And he’s blocked me too, despite having NO conversation with me (what I wrote about was other dude calling him out – but while other dude is blocked too, I dont get it. Paw Paw posts nudies of himself – full on – sunbathing and Tom Toms his “non existent” wanker – and when people point it out, he gets ticked off and is overly sensitive?) …

(to the other dude, he sent a nasty message FIRST much like Glyn sent me, but other dude couldn’t even hear it, since he blocked him first – like, wtf. whats the point of even sending the message in that case??)

Which is strange!

But not so strange, considering when I first heard of the dude, I had a sneaking suspicion it was the Bozo – or one of his online aliases.

And my suspicions were proven right.

Much like he did all those years ago, Bozo blocked me, despite me not saying a word to him. Hehe.

Truly does quiver in his “boots” does the Bozo!

Anyhow, these guys are losers.

(Although the two are one and the same guy most likely).

But they’re great for making sales etc, and while I don’t detail how to deal with trolls in my great book on making sales in any economy – it will be there in a seperate “soon to come” book!

Anyway, thats that for now.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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