HOW REAL MEN TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
- There YOU GO!

Lots of wackos have been writing back about “he’s all talk, no action”.

Despite the great stuff I put out in the books, despite the comments, the reviews, the feedback, most pertitently the fact THEY CAN’T DO THE SAME THING!

And despite the pictures in the book showing me doing it …

Of course, those that won’t convinced – – – NEVER WILL!

But, despit emy dislike for video I thought I’d post a little something for y’all on Twitter. A brief teaser, a snippet …


This was after three hill climbs, in the blazing heat and humidity of China.

I was doing these on … not an even surface. A tough, rough, GRAVELY pavement.

Nigh a few days after the nasty ass thumb injury I wrote about.

The rest – YOU DECIDE!

And then tell me about Pushup CEntral – and why it truly IS THE BEST DAM COURSE ONUT THERE ON PUSHUPS!

Oh boy!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- A lady who I named “Anne” took the video. I was irritated. I didnt like her doing it. I hated it. But since she took ’em (she was infatuated me with me big time, and still is) – hey. I shared for YOU!

PS #2 – Phock, almost forgot the link. Here it is –

PPS – If ya’ll want more videos, write back, and tell me!

PPS #1 – and again. REVEIW – PLEASE!!! Yes, I know, i’ve gone hoarse saying it, so have you reading it, but pleas,e please, just review – just do it – they reALLY HELP!