Why Chloe and Bozo Schofield would likely make a perfect couple!
- 2 Nazi fems of varying natures together, heh

I was feeling so GREAT after I put out that last “once in a lifetime” email offer!

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Speaking of puddings, ugh. The Bozo – enough said on him.

And a certain Miss Chloe, which we ALL know a lot about here on the list – if not, research.Hehe. You’ll find here!

Along with Bozo Butts Glyn, she makes her way into the book on Nazi feminists as well, for damn good reason – but she will NEVER realize it.

It’s just done so artfully – its right in front of her, but the Bozos will overlook what is!

Anyway …

The name Chloe seems to lend themselves to Nazi feminists.

I remember one living on the floor underneath us (when we – my ex and myself – were living in a cheap ass apartment sometime in 99, I believe – apparently my ex “cleaning her toes in the shower while stamping her feet in the tub” set Chloe off, who complained to the manager – a REAL MAN who got back to me privately with the following –

“Rahul, they’re like pups in a kennel over there!”

He was right.

Cheap ass apartments, all packed together, all I could afford back then. Hehe.

And of course, he wasn’t just referring to the apartments – it was the women constantly cat fighting – and calling him up to complain. Hehe.

He was right – real man!)

Anyway, Chloe had a god – sorry, Dog – she yelled at – and that set my ex off.

Dont ask.


But anyway, here is what I Saw from the great Chloe –

I was cyberbullied today.

A few dozen strangers had a shaming party together and I was the center. Did I cry? Unfortunately, yes. I was not as strong as I thought I was.

What did I learn from this?

1. Bullies are losers living a sad life.

2. People ridicule you because your presence intimidates them.

3. Your mindset determines what kind of life you’ll live.

4. 99% of the people have 0 critical thinking ability and only follow the crowds.

5. Standing out from the rest is easier than you think because of No.4.

6. There are two big obstacles to success: doubts from others, and doubts from yourself. Ignore both.

7. Open up and talk about your feelings will help you recover from the negatives sooner.

8. Surround yourself with people that support you 100% regardless will get you through anything.

9. Say one nice thing about the author if you had read all 8 takeaways above!

Cry me a fucking river.

Like, where the hell was “give it back to them”?

If she knew all this (ok, she didnt apparently, she “learnt it” – but I suspect she knew it before, and was looking for sympathy or some BS, and folks called her ass out) … then why “cry” in the first place.

Like her tears matter a goddamn anyway – more snake oil from Nazi feminists!

Who will do the same, or worse to others EVERY opportunity they can – believe me!

Anyway, why not do what I did to the Bozo?

He blocked me – because he can never win in a one on one argument.

Physically, I’d whoop his ass from here to kingdom come.

Big time.

In fact, if he was here now I’d rearrange his teeth right about NOW.

Truly, I would.

Then again, I Dont know.

I dont wanna get my hands dirty, hehe.

But I stewed over what he did – didnt bitch – and now, I’ve hit the Bozo – and have been in areas he’ll never even be able to fight back, no matter how hard he tries. Pun intended, or not!


And as for why Bozo and her would make a perfect couple?

Well, he’d be happy to apparently keep house and such which she from her posts hates doing – and listen to all her whining and moaning provided he “got ass”.

Specifically, to lick her backside.


They’d be a perfect match – if not for anything else, just the WHINING.

Both whiners “el supremo” really – and NO action

All jelly, and no toast, and for the Bozo, way too many other “fluids” if you get my drift.

Poor Brum, to have him infesting it.

But anyway … that whining. UGH!

Anyway, Im out. Cry me a river – again. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Except, of course, the Bozo/Chloe story would have a sad ending for the Bozo. Nazi feminists deep down inside, and this is explained in the book … WANT REAL MEN!

Paradox, but true. Get the book, my friend. It will truly explains what women do NOT want to tell you – for once and for all!

And you’ll PROFIT to boot (not to mention the special we’ve got going on).

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