When cucks think like (or start to) real men – and why I do NOT do biz with typical Tom Tom’s.
- Lots to say!

It’s interesting.

I’ve been thinking about stuff this morning – afternoon – evening – night – what have you.

Wherever you are on this “plane” of ours …

And I’ve been thinking IMAGES.

Most people don’t think this way – consciously. Subconsciously though?


Hence, what I keep prattling on about visualization, my friend.

It really, really works.

And let’s talk something else – not related to YOU.

When you think of SOMEONE – anyone – whats the first “image” that pops into mind?

When you think of a certain woman (guys) – or man (for you ladies) – or whatever gets you off (for Bozos) – WHAT is the IMAGE that comes to mind?

The feeling?

But again, in this case, the IMAGE!

Is it of someone constantly complaining, constantly entitled, constantly at war with each other or the next person?

Or, is it a “nice feeling” i.e. you’d like to BE with this person now?

Or, is it a “solid character” feeling?

I Dont know why this made it to this particular email. Actually, I do. There is a reason!

If you look at people in your immediate vicinity, friend, you’ll get a pretty good indicator of (if you’re like most people) where you are OVERALL in life.

Note I said OVERALL.

Not just money. NOt just relationships. Not just 10,000 women you pester daily (if you’re the Bozo) – and so forth.


Ask yourself this – are you REALLY happy with your life?

If not, chances are the IMAGES that come to mind FIRST when you think of the people “you interact with the most” are NEGATIVE in some way, shape or form.

Of course, if you’re part of the doers that blocks out the negative, and focuses like a madman “horse with blinders on” – on his or her GOALS – then the world opens up for YOU eventually.

The rest, well, as Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich “simply do not make the cut”.

In my own words, they fall by the wayside.

Sad, but thats what it is . Thats how life functions!

Anyway – how does this, my friend, fit into the subject line of this here email?

Well, all those cucked men I rail against so much on the page about Nazi feminists – – guess what.

A lot of these men are actually (from an IQ perspective) fairly intelligent people.

They dont have the X factor, no.

But they’re fairly intelligent – in many cases, quite rich from a lifetime of slaving away for someone else – and … in many cases, the minute they get away from the Nazi feminist influence, even if thats “a day in the office away from the ball and chain” ?

Is when they start to function somewhat normally, or as normal as can be for them.

Their brain “clicks”.

And you actually feel you’re talking to someone “remotely” like a man when you talk to them in these environments – but of course.

A cuck is a cuck is a cuck.

And you’ll get that feeling even when they’re away from the immediate influence of the scourge we call Nazi feminism if you’re a REAL MAN talking to them – because beyond a point, they just don’t talk and engage like real men do.

But, to a point, some of these people – and I know a LOT – will even privately acknowledge the great harm Nazi feminist women can do to a man’s life – and kids – and overall.

Women, dont get me wrong.

There’s plenty of fine women out there – but the Nazi feminists are not one of that breed!

Unfortunately though, two things –

These same men may think temporarily “what if” – but most DO NOTHING to break free of the scourge.

which I dont get.

Most of the tips in the book are MENTAL – in fact they are ALL mental.

She won’t even KNOW, despite what she claims about “I know all your thoughts” – what you are PLANNING.

Because it will be something so stupendous NO-ONE in your circle would believe it!

Trust me, when you get on this book, funny things start to happen.

Life opens up for YOU in ways you’d never imagine!

And number two, unfortunately, this phenomenon of cucked males and entitled bratty Nazi feminists seems to be growing by the day, almost to the point that people ar enow saying “it’s the new normal, thats how it is!


The minute you accept those words, the minute they seep into your subconscious – the minute it all goes to hell, because you think thats how it is supposed to be, and as a man never open yourself up to the boundless possiblities that exist for YOU.

For a woman, you destroy your own life and chances at any real romance, other than the flings and extra marital affairs you have with studs you meet on the INternet.

Its sad.

I’ve been there, done that – on both sides of the spectrum.

I DO KNOW how it hangeth!

Been around the block way too many times not to …

But anyway – DOING is where the rubber meets the road.

DOING Is how things change – or not at all.

And on that note thats why I dont do business with typical Tom Tom’s (Glyn Bozo being one prime one, of course).

These Tom Tom’s are the first, for example, to champion “China’s rise” – the so called rise and prattle on about “how democracy isn’t for everyone” – and how “when China gets rich enough, these problems with disappear automatically”.

I’ve heard the argument SO OFTEN …

And I’ve never fully agreed with it.

True, the CCP has done SOME things right.

But mostly, it’s all “glam sham” – a mirage – and the minute you pull aside the glossy new curtains, the shyt escapes for what it is …

I think you’re seeing the beginning of that – the end? – NOW as we speak (if you’re one of the smart ones).

But anyway, this is what a typical Tom Tom emailed me yesterday after I sent out that special coupon for all you doers . . .

(which by the way was initially meant ONLY for Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition – but then I changed my mind and updated the code to include ALL purchases on the site! – and funnily enough, people chose the latter option …)

(Folks – this Collector’s Edition of Fast and Furious Fitness is a RARE GEM.

I know you think “just another book”.

But it ain’t either.

Read it – you’ll know why folks are lining up for autographs on this one!)

ITSGOTTOGONOW – there’s the code. 

And it ain’t gonna last beyond tomorrow (30 per-cent-DISCOUNT!)

Anyway, back to the typical Tom Tom’s.

They were proven wrong of course – in China’s case – and most others.

And it’s these same people that jump on every available “popular bandwagon” there is – whether they should or not.

It’s these same morons and Bozos that prattle on about panixations and how “if the government said it, they might be right”.

Not so, friend.

Ever seen some of the emails people in the HIGHEST ECHELONS of power send?

I’ve seen ’em.

To say they’re schoolboyish or girllish – and plain damn STUPID (think Benghazi Clinton for one) would be doing the emails a gross disservice and understatement in many cases…

They’re far worse.

Trust me, just because some idiot “in power” says it doesnt mean they’re right.

Unfortunately, the cucks and typical Tom Tom’s (Glyn again, prime grade A example) don’t get it …

Will they ever?

Who knows.

But THAT is why I don’t do biz with them, and cucked males in general (unless you’re part of the DOERS tryng to break OUT of that mould – and if you’re genuine, I’ll go to the ends of the Earth to help you out!).

Anyway, on that note, after I sent that last email about the discount …

“It’s huckersterism, nothing else! See all your emails, you keep selling!”

He wailed a bit more, then to his credit hit the unsubscribe button.


I think I spelled it right? Hehe.

Interesting how Bozos and wackos fail to spell even “insults” correctly.

But lets see.

Giving you guys the offer of a lifetime – and books that flat out work – hucksterism?

Telling you like it IS – ditto?

Telling you to buy something that will help YOUR life – ditto?

I dont think so!

But hey.

The word has a nice ring to it, so I’ll add it on to the looong list of names (2k plus as of now, hehe) I’ve been called and that will turn into a book someday.

along with “how not to be a glutton” (that one aimed at Glyn Bozo and certain other typical Tom Tom’s, but people in general, really).

I mean really, Glyn, if you’re too cheap to pay at least don’t scarf all thats in sight “as if there’s no tomorrow and you won’t get it again”.

Come to think of it he never does, unless someone tosses him a few crumbs. Sigh.

Anyway … thats that from yours truly “Huckster”.

And I’ll see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The great Napoleon Hill was often called a huckster. So is Trump. I am certainly in hallowed company. Hey. I’ll take it!

I’ll also take being called a stud – and super stud … but hey!