I’ll match it!
- I'll match what you pay - and then some!

Dear Friend and devoted customer,

This is for YOU – the loyal!

This is for YOU – the 0 Excuses Fitness faithful!

This is for YOU – everyone that has stuck with me so far!

And continues to – and for NEW customers as well.

I’ll keep this short and pithy – in the last two emails, you saw the following discount code ITSGOTTOGONOW.) 

And that code was initially applicable only to the RAREST OF RARE gems out there in terms of fitness books – truly a NO NONSENSE NO PUNCHES PULLED bookFast and Furious Fitness – but ONLY THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION – of which we have TWO copies lying around as of now (although one has been taken – it hasn’t been “sent” as yet, but it will, Bill, thanks!).

Then I had a change of heart almost instantly.

I thought of YOUR situation.

And I figured, hey.

I’ll set the coupon to include ALL purchases i.e. anything over $100 – you got the discount.

The only thing is, it expires – well, tomorrow.

Good things don’t last forever, and this is only for the DOERS.

And doers, listen up.

For TODAY – a very short period –  here’s the “deal sweetener” on TOP of the current deal sweetener i.e. the coupon.

If YOU use the coupon, and make a purchase of over $100 – guess what.

I’ll match it. 

This is only applicable for today – and definitely NOT beyond today. 

ie. deal expires Jul 28, PERIOD. 

Here’s how it works.

You use the coupon. Lets say you buy a $100 product, so you pay $70.

You get your product.

(or whatever amount it is)

And here’s the thing – I’ll match it in your wallet i.e. your site Wallet will have $70 in there – for YOU TO SPEND THE NEXT TIME – no restrictions!

The Wallet doesn’t support partial purchases – as yet – so you’ll have to make sure you add on the right amount for whatever you want to buy the next time around.

(it will soon though, so much like Amazon, you can use your wallet balance and credit card etc simaltaneously).

But that money is yours – to use as you see fit for your next purchase!

And when you DO make that next purchas using Wallet, you’ll get a special 10% off discount.

Well, my friend, I dont think I can sweeten the pot anymore – can i?

But there’s one last catch.

To keep it easy to manage, the discount code expires TODAY as well – NOT tomorrow as I told you in the last email.

So, Jul 28 it is for both.

Now, my friend, if you’re a DOER – it truly IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

I’ll let you do so !


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Want MORE of a deal sweetener? Order within the next hour, and you’ll get an extra 10% off (in addition to the current 20% off if you the coupon on the page) for the upcoming sizzler Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness!

PS #2 – Wallet money cannot be transferred “out” i.e. to bank etc – only for site purchases here.