Can you CONTROL the weight?
- Indeed an important question to ask!

This is a huge, huge question everyone that lifts weights should be asking themselves.

Not just to avoid nasty injuries etc (think lower back when lifting massive objects or weights off the ground without proper form or support – and no, lifting belts ain’t necessarily the “key” either here) – but also because if you cannot lift it with control – and while breathing correctly – then you might as well not lift it at all.

Or, and probably more to the point, you need to be lifting LESS, not more.

Way too many people sacrifice two things for jacking up the numbers on the curl – and bench press – done with barbells.

With dumbbells, it’s even worse.

You’ll see people doing tricep extensions etc when they can barely pull the weight over their shoulder – or go “full extension” all the way down if you get my drift.

You’ll see people boast that can “curl” 50 kg or whatever in each hand – while they can barely HOLD the weight steady – either in the curl position or outstretched arm.

Sure, if you’re aiming for a world record “one time”, and the goal is “just to get it” – then thats fine.

But in most cases, trainees do too much in terms of numbers, and you’d be best served doing less numbers wise – not more.

And NO form of training, not even “pure” bodyweight training takes this fact – and rams it in your face – full bore – like training with Indian clubs – or maces.


Believe me, there are SO many ways to control – and work with … 10 or 12 kgs!

Believe me on this.

You guys that can bench Manhattan out there with lousy form will FAIL miserably the first time you try the exercises I’m bringing to you here.

Hell, mastering any ONE of the movements would take a lifetime.

And lets talk control.

Lets talk weights.

can you take that heavy weight you’re lifting in one hand – lets say a dumbbell – and and can you hold it at a right angle to your hand and move about with in awkward positions?

Can you “snap” your wrist back and forth to the right and left (believe me, don’t try this unless you have control!) while doing the movements?

You won’t be able to, my friend, when you first start, even if you’re a stud at  pull-ups, or guru at pushups.

And if you’re the latter, can you do ’em on the BACK of your hands?

Thats a variant not mentioned in what people have called “the best course out there on pushups” – and “nothing like it”!  …. but plenty of others ARE.

And they’re all as Charles Mitchell , a long term customer rightly said,

Any serious trainee could spend a couple of years just on the pushups in this book! I’ve read many books on pushups, but nothing comes close to Pushup Central!

He’s right too.

I knew when I wrote the book it was going to hit the spot – both for me – and for YOU. And it did!

Ditto with the book on isometrics.

Anyway, think about what I’ve said if you’re lifting weights today, my friend.

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Try holding a clubbell at right angles like I mentioned. It ain’t easy!

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