Why I ain’t interested in hearing about challenging times from customer service, especially!
- Because ... I'm NOT. I'd like my problem solved, period!

All too often, these days, with the alarming deterioation in customer service for most companies, Amazon being an exception to the rule – and of course, 0  Excuses Fitness being another, hehe – we hear the following starting off.

Along with the garbage of “Hi! Thank you for contacting us! It’s such a pleasure to serve you today” – and “It was of no intention on our part to be of disservice to you” (whether they’ve actually been that is a different issue) or other irritating copy and paste BS that given how many companies are doing it, Bozos and sheeple globally LOVE it – I dont – theres another thing that annoys me the most these days.

“Hope you’re keeping well during these challenging times!”

Now, dont get me wrong.

If someone or their family, or friends, have lost their lives to the China virus, you won’t hear a peep from me. No-one, I repeat, no-one, not even the China Tom Toms deserve to lose their lives to this dastardly thing.

But there’s a limit to panic and excuses.

Without exception, EVERY TIME I hear the above from someone, or a company, I’m wondering “oh, no. Another garbage copy and paste job designed NOT to provide customer service and fob the customer off, hoping they wont contact us again”.

Or, and this is pertient – “will they solve my problem, or even give me any useful input I could not have got myself online” ?

In most cases, if not all, the answer is NO.

And it leaves a bad feeling, as if “covid” is an excuse for every damn thing under the sun.

A payment doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to – same thing.

A delivery doesn’t – same thing.

Most galling, these customer service reps have become even more useless than headhunters -about as useful as screen doors on a submarine, and their blatant reluctance to you know, actually “serve a customer” as opposed to spit out copy paste nonsense a third grader could get off the Internet for one.

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

Like, answer my frigging question already and leave out the BS, and lets be DONE with it!

As we think ,so we are and the more people make excuses, or seemingly so, guess what will happen.

And IS happening.

Anyway ….

Got that off my chest. Had to, I’m sure y’all relate too!

And I’m out.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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PS # 2 – Reason numero TWO?

First thing you know, If I had said challenging times every time I had them, and indeed when I did – it resulted in NO results. And certainly no real sympathy as wel,l not that I’d WANT any from the Tom Tom’s!

SOLID ACTION IS WHAT BRINGS RESULTS, not crocodile “feel good” tears!