When the so called counselor’s turn abusive.
- YES, it's true.

My significant other last year, or I think a couple of years ago in 2019? Not sure … But she was telling me about a friend of hers (who I know “fleetingly” if you get my drift) who was going through a supposedly abusive situation at home.

Supposedly her mother in law and husband were driving her insane.

Supposedly – emphasis on that word SUPPOSEDLY- it got “violent”.

She showed up at home (apparently, from what I hear, “our home”) (i use quotes for a damn good reason there!) – and apparently spent the night with my wife and daughter because “she was too scared to return home”.



From a woman that out earned her own husband by a factor of almost 10, and she was “scared” to return home.

Perhaps if there was any real violence, yes.

But all too often, a simple “push” or extreme anger is construed by cuckolded liberal men – SJW’s and Nazi feminists as “violence against women”.

Note, of course, the women can yell all day long and do what the hell they please – or not.

But the men are supposed to take it – take all their shennanigans, bend over backwards for them, and if a man even so much as opens his mouth in front of the woman?

He’s always wrong, of course, and he’s abusive. Hehe.

How fair, eh.

Anyway, my wife’s friends story isn’t “one of a kind”.

Gorilla Girl Sophia, lovely as any I must add kept complaining about her husband to me when we were together.

Not “that kind of together”.

Nazi feminists reading this, get our head out the GUTTER. You know, as YOU say, men and women can be “just friends”!

Anyway, Gorilla Girl was complaining about him non stop.

Same thing basically, mother in law and husband vs her.

Now, I remained silent.

In her case, perhaps there was some validity to her complaints as well (I know the girl well).

In my wife’s friend’s case, I dont know – but it’s interesting – only ONE side of the story is heard.

Is the man’s side of the story EVER, EVER HEARD?

I Dont think so, friend!

Do you – if you do – do write back and tell me!

It’s always when the cops are called, the MAN is at fault – though in many cases, and people reading this will know, the man didnt necessarily do a damn thing!

I still remember myself and the ex (when I was 19, hehe) “getting into it” and getting so loud the neighbors called the cops on us “because there was fear of domestic violence”.


Cop showed up.

“Sir, may I speak to your girlfriend”.

By all means, officer, I said. I was FUMING. He knew it, he saw it!

Spoke to her. All was well, so he told me to “please keep it down Sir, the neighbors are complaining about violence”.

I told the fine officer there was no violence whatsoever!

“Your neighbors complained about loud noises”, he continued, staring at me.

This“, I said, gesturing to a table I had smashed in annoyance (wooden table).

He shrugged.

“Well Sir, there’s not much we can do about that – you’ve got the right to kick your own furniture around!”

And he left without any further ado.

Solid character, hehe.

Point in all this being?

Well, my wife was “counseling” her friend how to fight against men mentally.

Upon hearing some of the Nazi feminist stuff she said, I BLANCHED, but didnt say a word.

This girl herself, remember, she was someone that wished me “Happy Birthday” out of the blue in China (I had done forgotten about her a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time ago) – yet she did, so I thanked her, and started chatting politely with her, but suddenly in typical Nazi feminist fashion she acted as if she was Miss Goody Two Shoes, and ended the conversation.

Like, lady, first thing you know, I wasn’t the one wishing you or asking you to wish me.

Second, I done forgot about you – honestly – a long time ago.

And third, and most importantly, you’re not a 10 on the scale – you’re not even close to 1 (she’s one of those phat phocker types).

So really, that attitude of “drama and run after me” ain’t gonna work especially not when the opposing number has far more notches and numbers on the 10 scale you could ever fcking dream of.



But again, true!

Point again, you ask.

Well – this.

My wife never ever once says how lucky she is in a country like India to be living in a place where despite the usual hoo haa between mother in law and wife which admittedly gets VERY NASTY – but then again, yours truly bears the brunt of it always – there’s never been more extreme steps.

Believe me, Asian countries ain’t all they show on the external.

She NEVER once says she’s lucky to be where she is. ZERO gratitude for anything.

And thats fine.

But the point here, Nazi feminism is like this.

There is zero gratitude, ZERO appreciation for what you gave in the past – ZERO concern for what if you honestly cannot “give in the future”.

If yours truly fell ill with the plague, for one, you think my family would care?

Hell no!

But any of the women falling sick, now you see them jumping up and down about that all the time with the panixines and what not!

It’s just pathetic.

And it needs to be said, because guess what – all too often, MEN – YOUR – and OUR VOICES – are never ever heard!

Much like they never were in that idiotic so called fish market excuse of a “debate” in “Great Lakes University” – I’m sure phat phock Nazi feminist adminstering that debate would be the first to admit that privately too.

Accent my hairy ass.

Get the F real, lady.

Anyway, thats what, even if you aren’t a fan of Basic Instinct II (yours truly liked the first one better, but the second wasn’t bad! I like Sharon Stone) – I want to impress upon you.

Always take what these so called idiotic counselors say – and DO – with a pinch of salt.

Like the cutie who was giggling at me all throughout the silly counseling session I was once pestered into going to.


Some, of course, have been accused of far more serious offences than giggling, I think we all know what they are!

And on that note – men – STAND Up – TAKE CONTROL BACK.


As simple as that (in terms of abuse women dish out daily).

Remember, fighting back directly ain’t an option, and WILL backfire on YOU.

Grab the book here – and of course, write back with your own tales on this – I’ll share ’em with the world!



Rahul Mookerjee