Attack – but preferably first where the enemy is vulnerable!
- All is fair in love and war, eh.

This will probably against the code of ethics on fair play, honor, etc – my own too.

But remember, we’re not talking UFC combat here – or boxing – or wrestling- where you must play by the rules because ultimately, you’re looking to achieve victory, not so much “completely destroy in all regards” your opponents.

And war, my friend – either mental or real war requires far different tactics.

I dont know if this is mentioned in Sun Tzus’s the Art of War (highly overrated book if any), but it’s something I’ve been using all my life – either consciously or not.

True, I’ve often made a mistake in this regard too – but I’ve always corrected it too.

That being, attack where – and WHEN – THEY are vulnerable and cannot strike back – and often times, the initial attack against YOU will come when YOU are vulnerable and completely unable to strike back – and did nothing to provoke the conflict, so in my book – all’s fair in love and war!

You can see it with the Bozo Glyn saga for one.

He thought he could repeatedly attack yours truly “black mamba” and get away with it – but he couldn’t, ultimately.

Yet, if I had told him my subconscious plans at the time?

Not only would he and others have laughed in my face, but the plan would likely never have come to fruition.

As it is, I’m only getting started with the Bozo. What that means I’ll tell y’all later, but a customer confided in the following in me .

“He needs a good ass kicking, and I’d love to see you be the man handing it out to him”.

Which I might, and I might not. Hehe. Never does to get one’s hands dirty on squishy goo, but again, we’ll see. Far better ways for now of dealing with him though, though if I see him – yes – he may wanna reschedule a trip to the dentist for one!


But anyway …

The whole thing on Nazi feminism, and the book on it.

It’s all geared towards making you understand two things.

First, the alpha male approach of “fight back directly” will NEVER work – and it will backfire. Spectacularly. Big time.

Believe me, I’ve been there, done that. STill do on occasion!

Ignoring her so she “stews” inside is part of the ticket, YES, but not the entire shebang for one.

Thats one thing – and two?

It’s about your thinking – and attacking them where they cannot strike back.

First thing, is, obviously retain and take control of your finances, as end of the day, Nazi feminists of any nature are interested in one thing for a man – the bank account.

Trust me on this one.

Despite all the BS about “being emotional creatures”, the BANK Account is what drives their emotion – and I can show you several women who say it openly on the other site as well.


It’s men that are driven by passion (often sexual) – and EMOTION – anger – and use these emotions to succeed (those that are smart). Napoleon Hill speaks of this too in Think and Grow Rich, and even if you aren’t in the least bit interested in getting rich, I’d recommend you read that book.

So #2 – it’s this.

Hit back where they can never hit back. Or guess.

And even if they do guess, there isn’t much they can do about it.

Trust me, a lot of these steps require a change and shift in THINKING, not necessarily actions.

Actually, it’s all about thinking – once YOU as a male gear your thinking towards winning in this regard, believe me, NOTHING can stop you. NOTHING!

It hasn’t me, and it won’t you either.

Grab the book HERE – truly the best ever in this regard. NOTHING like it out there, much like Pushup Central and a few other books, and if you’re like a lot of men I know that have nothing but annoying issues with women (in this regard) – then this WILL help. Big time!

So get it – NOW.

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And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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