Wallet issue fixed, and more…

Been a bit of an interesting morning thus far, or afternoon, or evening, depending upon what time you read this.

A package that was supposed to show up never did, but it did, and it got delivered to a person who normally leaves it where it should be, but it ended up somewhere else, and in this whole tangled mess…. DANIEL!

Great, great guy, Ill never shy away from saying that!

He’s part of the support team for some of the software we use, and he’s been providing stellar and excellent support thus far.

I cannot rate the guy highly enough. Solid character is what comes to mind when I think daniel and his company (well, the one he works for) … You know what I mean.


Some people just have that vibe. I wrote this back to his company as well, and they agreed i.e. Daniel is great!

Anyway, the vexing ‘wallet’ issue we’ve been having is finally fixed, albeit with a “checkmark” of sorts.

If you go to your customer account, you’ll see you can add funds to your wallet.  (and your current balance too).

And if you checkout using your wallet guess what  the system will auto apply (because I’ve set it that way) a 10% discount on whatever you purchase.

No minimum amounts applicable for this one either!

And the only thing is it isn’t showing automatically on the page as a checkout option as it should be but if you add funds to your wallet FIRST, then it’ll show!

And its a method of payment I would very highly recommend, because it does away with the need for credit cards, paypal etc (you can use those to fund your wallet, and then either keep the money there or use for future purchases).

YES, if you pay the preorder for Lumberjack Fitness, another highly recommended book with your wallet … YES, effectively, you’ll get a 30% discount on the total price instead of 20 …

Contact me for more on that!

Anyway I still haven’t managed to get Amazon Pay up and running on the site.

Apologies Drake it’s taking a bit longer than expected (and to all you great guys using amazon as well!).

Their initial verification process for this is tedious, and with one thing and the other first my printer ran out of ink, then the docs weren’t clear, and what not … it’s taking a while.

But we’ll have it up and running pretty soon, so soon you’ll be able to use your Amazon pay balance to make purchases of the site as well. (Amazon USA for now but it might work with your other wallets too).

And that my friend is that.

On the hunt for that new laptop but in the meantime, make sure and place your preorders for Lumberjack Fitness NOW.

This is going to be … BIG!

Best (for the best),

Rahul Mookerjee