More on the sheer power of affirmations…
- ...backed up by that one KEY INGREDIENT

In 0 Excuses Fitness, I mention the 10 Commandments of Physical Training, that to be frank are as applicable to life, business, relationships etc as they are purely fitness.

I could write tons of self help books around them!

As of now, I’ve written Zero to Hero.

Plenty more in the offing, but the above is a great read, but for now, I’m focusing on getting Lumberjack Fitness out … a book that will truly be the best of the best ,, and thats saying a whole hell of a lot, friend!

Anyway, in 0 Excuses Fitness, I speak of an English student Tracy.

Not the “India man so hot” lady, hehe.

This lady was just a student!

And I mention the tale of how her English improved, quite literally, by LEAPS AND BOUNDS once she employed the power of the mind in addition to all the HW etc I gave her.

Dont get me wrong.

Practice did indeed make perfect, but all the practice in the world would NOT have gotten to her to that level if it weren’t for the special tips I gave her on the MIND.

And the power of the mind, visualizing, and affirmations.

Actually, I didnt even tell her about affirmations. I just told her about visualizing!

But truth is, we think in pictures, and if it is something that truly does matter to you, then affirming or, saying just about anything will create pictures in your mind whether tyou know it or not.

Whether you realize it or not, all day long we’re sending our subconscious minds nothing but PICTURES.

Either positive or negative depending upon how we FEEL at the time.

And therein lies the key.

Deep desire is key to getting visualization to work no, you cannot fake it!

I repeat, you cannot fake it!

The key to everything and attracting on auto pilot is …FEELING!

Anyway, that story is mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness..

In Zero to Hero, its there too, except a different and even cuter example.

And today, lets see what Daniela … a lady I’ve mentioned in the past thats translated tons of my books into Spanish had to say on this front!

Note she is currently translating a non fitness related book on affirmations into Spannish for me .


I hope you are doing well.

I am working on the book no worries haha, I just wanted to say I knew there was a reason why I pick this book, and now I get it.

I start with the “affirmations” by mistake, I never truly believe in that… Until one day I apply for a scholarship, I really needed it and wanted it. So every night before I went to sleep I remember saying “I hope I get it” “I hope they pick me”.

When the process starts running, I was getting closer, and my subconscious change that phrases into “that scholarship is mine, I will get it” and boom like magic it was mine.

I did not realize in that moment of my life it was bcs I called it so many times with my mind, by desire. Until some years later, when I wanted something so bad I start doing it again, there is when I realized the mind is really powerful.

I am liking it where the book is going so far. I wish more people believe in the power of wanting and the mind.


PS: I gave you some information of myself even is you do not want it haha

And, there we go!

Straight from the horses mouth, and she is SO RIGHT!

It’s all about deep desire.

She truly wanted nay, NEEDED that scholarship!

And she didnt get needy about it KEY!

She affirmed it to herself every night, until her desire and energy changed from “I want’ to ‘I will HAVE!’

I want it, and I shall HAVE IT!

So said the INCOMARABLE Henry Ford, and he was damn right.

There is a reason that quote along with a few others is there on the Zero to Hero! page.

And once she did?


yours truly

My computer finally gave up. So, I’m on the phone for now. What a pain! Give me some time and I’ll approve the translation. I havent seen it, but I’m sure it’s awesome!
Thanks so much. Yes, you got it right as always – Madam is always right isn’t it? Hehe. But yeah. Channel the subconscious and what you previously thought were miracles happen!
I won’t even get into the ‘always right’ part.
But there it is, my friend.
there it is!
Be sure and pick up Zero to Hero now, you’ll love it.
Rahul Mookerjee