Is showing up truly half the battle WON?
- Maybe sometimes ...

Showing up is half the battle won, they say.

Everyone says it. Coaches, gurus, so called expert, the life hacks, the life coaches, teachers, everyone …

Show up, the thinking goes, and apparently it’ll all go from there.

I’ve always been rather and some what divided by this thinking and of course, readers of the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales … know this!

I just read an article (a BBC article) about how “presenteeism is still winning out over productivity” despite the panic demic etc.

Basically it’s a long article, fairly well written but that is the long and short of it. Google’s your friend in case you want to find it!

Which doesn’t surprise me.

For all the noise made about working from home, something that is often ignored is working from home is often taken by employees, especially in countries like India and china to goof off and do “F all”basically.

Hence the innate distrust of “work from home” most bosses have in that part of the world.

Other hand, simply sitting in the office doesnt equate to much, or any productivity at all even “that” boss said it before it “all fell apart!”.

As it always does …

Work smarter, not harder, I still remember him telling the head of Operations.

My own thoughts on this?

Is that results count.

If those come from working one hour in the morning at home and one hour at night again at home, then so be it and the hell with what other UNPRODUCTIVE coworkers and the like think and moan about.

Noone stopped them from getting the same results!

Other hand, if sitting in the office for 10 hours a day, or whatever the boss considers right, or however many hours the person works from home ain’t cutting the mustard, then again results are what the metric that ultimately needs to be measured.

All too often though, people let EGO get in the way of someone that is delivering solidd results and then some and comparing with”oh, what if I could get better i.e the results and his time too, AND pay him less!” … and of course , with all the scare mongering about job losses and such, this predatory mentality is easy to employ for a lot of people.

But anyway …

Thats my thoughts on that for the work place, but life? Fitness?

I truly do believe that HERE, it applies a lot more but NOT fully.

Showing up is truly important yes, but it’s not the whole shebang by far.

Once you show up, you get started. There is that even on days you dont feel like working out. You start, then something happens …

Other hand, to me, what really counts is your attitude when you do show up!

If you show up with a ho hum attitude, those are the results youll get.

Go get ’em! Ditto!

If you show up with “My God! Such a tough exercise!” attitude from the get go, THOSE are the exercises that will remain “tough” for you …

And same thing when investing in products.

If price is a primary concern, then you will never truly unlock the potential of any one of my books, my friend.

Because my books are designed only for the super serious, who KNOW they have to spend good money and a fair bit of it to get rewards aplenty. People who know exactly what they waant, people who dont make excuses, people that go the extra mile, people that “get her done no matter what”, and so forth …

And more than any other book I’ve written, Lumberjack Fitness, currently being offered at a “pre sale” price is geared towards that sort of a trainee/person.

If you’re the ho hum sort, dont even bother.

But if you’re a go getter that wants, and expects and ACCEPTS (the last is the most important) literally NOTHING SHORT or LESS than the best ie the best for the best, then what I’ve got to offer here is for YOU.

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Yes, showing up truly is HALF the battle but only with the right attitude, friend. Only with the right attitude!


Rahul Mookerjee