“I thought you were dead’
- So said the Gorilla Girl

As mentioned in the last email, I spoke with the lovely Sophia this morning.

The “You’re big and strong like a Gorilla” girl!

When I met her, I thought the hair both on my cranium and the body was why she said what she did. Hehe.

“You dont have too much”, she giggled.

Well, hair or not is not a topic for this hairy or not email!

But it was funny, this morning (I hadn’t spoken to her for like a long time) she said the following when she was talking about the plague spreading with a resurgence in China (ever notice how the See Xi Pee never talks about THAT!??) …

“I thought you were dead!”


I laughed.

“Madam Gorillas like us are neither scared of the China plague, nor do we “die” that easily. We find a way somehow always!”

(me writing this to you is prime proof of that)

FWIW, the reason I didnt chat with her a while was I thought she was upset at me for some silly reason or the other. Apparently I was too focused on her legs, and she said “you always have sex on the mind!” (that was NOT why I was asking, hehe¬† yours truly celibate says so! or maybe not, lol) … and she flew into a huff, and we let that hang there.

Like the Bozo’s … ah, but forget him.

But anyway, my friend.

Always remember one thing.

Sometimes, rarely, there will be radio silence from me instead of 10 emails a day. Hehe.

But it wont be because I chose not to send you any. If I do ever choose that route, I’ll tell you first!

But I dont think it’ll happen. Hehe. Hasn’t in ten plus years, dont see it happening now!

But … sometimes, certain things happen, and the emails etc dont get sent out, and so be sure tobookmark and check this page regularly for updates i.e. the blog pages on both sites, because all emails are posted there!

Anyway, the other reason is of course the book.

I’ve been training super hard, super frequently, and putting together some great, great workouts for you in Lumberjack Fitness, my friend.

You’ve never ever seen anything like this from me before.. trust me on that one.

And therefore, the price on this one … you got it.

Only for the super serious.

And super alive. hehe.

Remember, my friend, train the way I advocate, and you’ll not only look and feel young forever, but you’ll never pass on or so it’ll seem!

And you’ll probably forsee it before you do anyway!

Ok, enough on that front.

Go here to place preorders for the book now and remember, 20% discount locked in too but only if you take action NOW (the way to do that is to contact me and Ill have it locked in for you).

I’ll have a sales button on the page too soon .

For now ,just contact me and we’ll have your preorder booked, ready, and SHIPPED ASAP TOO! (once the book gets done, which is between 23 weeks as I can tell from the way things stand).


Rahul  Mookerjee