The return of the bad boy (although he never quite went away!)
- He didnt. Hehe. The lure was always there!

Honey, you’re a bad boy! 

And I wasn’t even in shape then!

I was fat as phock, I didnt do things bad boys should do – such as go out to party every night or what not, and yet, she said it.

That was an ex back in the day in the good ole US of A, and she loved bad boys. So did the very lengthy list of other women I’ve been with, and while this is sure to piss off the feminists, and enrage the Nazi feminists – here’s a simple question –

Why is it somehow “acceptable” for women to have “many men” if they choose “because it’s women’s rights” and acceptable for them to cheat (of course! all about emotion! My ass – it’s all about MONEY and future POTENTIAL – perhaps more of the latter! – with emotion mixed in) . . . but not men?

Dont get me wrong, to me, if you were to ask me – is it right – I’d say no, but I’d say it happens.

And I’d say goose and gander, and apply this EQUALLY to both genders, or the Bozo Schofield gender as well whatever that is.

Charles had it right when he told “K” (his woman – although sometimes it felt like as it does with women ie they “always get their way”, or try to if you let ’em) the following about me when she was making faces and jumping up and down about my lifestyle silently.

“This guy is here! It’s his business, not yours!”

He was right.

Smart guy in that regard, he knows “shit happens” and he knows circumstances are unique to an individual!

Bozo Schofield, of course, being the sissy he is went online with that infamous rant on Fitness Pioneer “he cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends!” (as if the Bozo is my friend. lol). . .

Anyway . . .

I read THIS piece here – South Korea is engaged in an epic battle between feminism and deep-seated misogyny — Quartz (

This is sure to turn the Bozo on, especially the women humiliating men part (with “that” thumb and forefinger sign i.e. small wang doodle).

It was always a common turn on for BDSM enthusiasts etc, the humiliation etc, (you know how the Bozo loves it!) – now apparently becoming mainstream.

But this email is not about that.

It’s about us MEN!

And men, even in “emasculated” South Korea are starting to stand up for their RIGHTS, long overdue, and how!

I’ve long said that Korean men are way too submissive towards their female partners. I remember a case of a rental agent (Chinese) literally YELLING at her Korean boyfriend – she was the one supposed to find me a house, yet she deputed the boyfriend to do all the work – and he earned (he was an engineer. HA!) about 5x what she did – and he was expected to fork over his salary to her, and when he mildly asked where it went (as an example, they were supposed to go on vacation, he sent her dough, she sent it to her parents, and when he questioned her over it in a nice manner, she raised Cain as if it was her God(dess) given right to do so!) . . .

And she was Chinese.

Likely Korean women are even worse in general, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I’d say Chinese!

Yet, to us bad boys, they act entirely different. Hehe.

THIS is what I’ve been saying all along, friend.

Read what I say on Advanced Hill Training, look at the pictures.

You’ll get it!

Women in general love bad boys, and can’t keep away from ’em, and they’ll treat ’em WELL as opposed to Bozos like the above two. Sure, you gotta do certain things, but if you’re a bad boy, those will come naturally …

Thats how it was supposed to be naturally.

Anyway, the “mocking men” movement has started in Korea because of the very strong men’s rights movement there.

Even they want the good ole days back!

As you can see in the article, they post the Korean version of a bad boy there – asif to say “thats how men should be”.


Sure, this don’t mean real men need to be violent and kidnap women, but they DO need to stop being cuckolded, bossed around by women earning ZERO or less than zero, or nothing compared to what they do (and lets face it, gender disparity in jobs has LONG GONE – it’s MEN that are discriminated against now, because they are seen as more aggressive and wanting more money  as it should be!) and the like . . .

No, I’m not entirely on the#mgtow side.

But they’ve got salient points and Korean guys have picked up on it.

I was never one for metoo.

And I dont think I’ll be one for the latest “small dickie” movement that Korean women have started.

I’ll just reply with either of the following.

“Yes, Ma’am. Now leave me the eff alone!”


curiously enough, women like that.

Or, “me so horny, me love you long time! 20 Dolla…” 

I best not go there. I’ll save it for the other site.

But really, people need to get real, and what people really want – real women included, is a return to the good ole days.

And as the world plunges further into “catastrophe” – and the plague from China brutally exposes what everyone thinks and thought about everyone, I think thats a good thing.

Survival of the fittest is what it’s going to turn into.

This bad boy has already survived, and plans on doing so after the mess is all over – and THRIVE.

Question is, what about YOU on the list?

Only you can make the decision my friend.

But remember, you gotta be physically FIT to survive at the highest levels and thrive. Especially in today’s world where its all going to hell in a henbasket pretty soon.

The world needs a cleansing as my buddy from the Marines told me.

I agree.

Way too many pricks of either gender out there for one …

Anyway, I’m out.

But remember, dont forget to pick up the System that was instrumental into turning me into a Bad Boy right here


It was always there!

All about the mind.

And I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee