Why patience is indeed the mother – and GRANDDADDY, hehe – of all virtues!
- Well, most!

Of most of them, at least, and it’s right up there with the ones it ain’t!

Definitely one of them, even to you non believers out there (those that are).

It’s something, of course, that has been characterized so well by the Glyn in Brum saga …

“Madam, can I be your servant”.

Those words might as well make him a million dollars, except they wont. Hehe.

Remember, the “pound billionaire” who ekes out his existence on food stamps (welfare they call them in good ole Blighty, hehe, I believe? Nah! It’s something else. “the dole” I believe).

The dole loving Bozo, hehe.

A lazy ass par excellence …

Anyway, they’re well on the way to making someone else a millionaire, but I ain’t gonna mention just who as yet, hehe.

Bozos aside, patience was what won the game there.

For years, I let him think he had the upper hand.

Though looking back, I didnt need to do it.

But justice is served – always – with a heavy hand and compound interest, as Emerson rightly said in the Laws of Compensation, and so it was in HIS case.

And continues to be. Hehe.

Speaking of which, yall heard from him as of late?

He’s disappeared into the sewers yet again for months it seems.

Anyway, his buddy – or so it should be hehe – Feetus Fotis with hidden foot fetishes is exactly of the same ilk as well.

Except with him, there’s no need for any patience … hehe.

Case by case, though with the Bozo there wasn’t either to be very frank with ya!

Anyway … Feetus Fotis is of the “get rich quick” opinion as you can tell from the BS he spouts, and looking at him, his site etc – there was a reason my gut said NO.

Yet, only the Ben settle reference made it – my gut – say “maybe”.

Else, I’d never promote anyone on here. I hardly ever do!

But anyway, bumbling Bozos and “feetness experts” as the idiot Chat calls it (really, dude, trying to ape another person makes YOU the ape if you get my drift, but I know you dont – not much up there to work with other than desperation to “make a quick sale”!) . . .

Fitness wise?

It pays to be patient, do the thing for years, and finally get into the best shape of your life.

At an age most would consider you past your prime and then some, and I’ve done it so many times – pulling a rabbit out of the hat NOW, and multiple times in my life!

So MANY times!

25 – I thought I was in good shape.

Then I ballooned up.

Still did pull-ups, for you fatsos out there that claim “we’re big and not fat” and therefore can’t do pull-ups. Hogwash -baloney – the LOT!

Yoo hoo!!

36 – best damn shape of my life, despite being told pre 30 “I’d die if I kept up my drinking”.

Yes, I’m rubbing it in.

And I’ll continue to because those that made those comments deserve it!

And anyway, now?

believe it or not, with the hammering over these years, even if I do get somewhat out of shape, it’s FAR easier for me to get back into shape than it would be for most people out there, lazy asses, couch potatoes and feet fetish hiding puffed and buffed Bozo-spurts included.

Not that I let myself get out of shape!

But anyway, fitness wise.

It’s been a grip since I got those weeks?


You got the picture, I’m sure, if youve been following me!

Yeah, about a week!

And while those damned grips were so thick and hard even for me (Schofield, no, I said grip, not what your grip is consistently on down there, hehe) … and it was BLUE in color (so speculation put to rest!) … now?

A week later, I’m banging out pullups willy nilly on that!

And that, my friend, the feeling, is truly worth it!

And I’ll Tom Tom it till the day I pass, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Grip fanatics, go here – pick this up NOW. You won’t regret it. And pull-up maniacs – by far the best compilation on this great, great exercise out there – that takes you from DUD to STUD at pull-ups to SUPER DUPER stud and beyond … ah, no. Super stud, not super dooper, hehe – thats in the next book. But yeah, stud – super stud – and those of you great customers that have done the thing, old timers that ALWAYS have, and continue to do it, write back and let meknow!