The two tutors I once had, and more!
- An interesting flashback!

Last night, before lopping off to bed, I wanted to write this to you. But I was tired, so figured I’d call it a night.

Unlike many other times where I “get up now” and just do it anyway!

Turned out even that decision was right.

Anyway, before we get into that …

The “wallet” is still not showing on the checkout page, as some of you have said. But worry not – if you add funds through the wallet, those funds will be YOURS – you can see your balance though the “my account” section.

And YES, you WILL get the 10% discount I promised – I’ll personally do up a discount code for you in case you cannot see the wallet option in the checkout form on your side – and I’ll “manually” debit the wallet.

So, all very doable!

Amazon Pay too, once we get past the labyrinth of RULES, followed “to a T” (and “anally” as I often say) with docs etc required to set it up !

These “verification” calls are a pain in the ass for one.

Yours truly hates video calls, as you know!

And of course, when they call they can never “see me” – or, as happens on the China border all the time, never recognize me – I’m one of those guys whose “look” changes naturally all the time if you get my drift – and of course their software can never pick up the docs through the dumbphone, lighting is never good enough, yada nada, schnada.

The developers that I’m working with this for some of the software on this site had this to say.

“What a pain, hope it gets sorted soon!”

So true. Hehe.

Anyway, I’ve been working with them as well – they may need to take a bit of a gander and poke around on this site to see just why the wallet isn’t showing for some of you on the checkout form. Confounds the heck out of me!

Come to think of it, yours truly “IT” might dust off the cobwebs and do it myself again.

Anyway, wallets = money.

Hopefully “loads” of it (nah, not the Bozo Schofield loads)!

And loads is .. loads  of training, that is – haha – is something that will be there in the upcoming book “Lumberjack Fitness” – which will truly be one of the most exhaustive kinds of its sort out there.

It will have information – all around info on building strength and conditioning with IMPLEMENTS -most notably the Gada and Jori as used in India, but other stuff too.

You on this list will LOVE IT.


The haters will too.

Come to  think of it, another one of those Bozos has joined the “hate” list – a certain “Feetus Footus Fotis” if you get my drift.

(who is quietly still trying to steal subscribers off my list “on the sly”. Hehe)

The dude’s insane, and proof has been provided before, but I find it funny how he keeps bringing up his foot fetish along with all the lunacy he talks about.

One gem he says is this – “hydration doesnt mean you have to drink water! Any fluids put into your body count!”

Um, sorry, Bubba.

But coffee and diet Coke dont count, and nothing can replace pure H2O. Nothing at all!

(not even the secret potion I mention in the book above but you’d be well served drinking a lot of that too)

Anyway, you on this list are well aware of the antics of Bubba “Chat” as it were – and his persistent lying and idiocy are two reasons I didnt want to mention him on this list in the first place(that gut!) – and I Was proven RIGHT – but they’re also the prime reason why Bozos like him never get beyond on a certain point

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s no longer on Ben Settle’s list either (one of the greats).

(truth be told, I dont know if Ben knows about his latest nonsense, but I’m 100% sure someone like Ben wouldn’t want him anywhere near him – much like yours truly doesnt).

Anyway, even Paypal rebutted his nonsensical claims ..

But anyway, lets talk “tutors”.

Back in the day, for Math of all things which as I’ve said before I had a natural aptitude for …

In ninth grade, I was deemed “not good enough” – hehe. The usual, you know what I mean!

So we showed up at a dude’s place (FAT dude) who wrote books on it (Math).

Somehow, that made him an expert!

Anyway, I remember Charles Mitchell once telling me the following –

“If you write a book on Math, I’ll buy it!”

I’m sure he would. Hehe.

But thats not in the plans for now!

Anyway, this dude was a smart guy – not an entirely bad teacher, and had plenty of students, and was rolling in the cash.

I remember one time not doing well in Math in some exam or the other, and I went to him and tol dhim my results, and instead of whining about “what happened!” (as most people would have apparently expected him to) – his comments?

Where are the fees?


We always paid on time.

But he was interested in the results, more in the fees though – more like one of those commercial English language farms you see all over China, with nary regard for how their students learn English, IF they do at all, yet they get droves of people signing up “for the name”.

Money! Hehe.

He was a Sikh dude, and I have nothing against him.

Then next year, we ditched him.

Went with another Sikh dude who was overly conscientious – to a T.

He’d take the fees, and the first thing he’s say?

It’s not about the money, Rahul! It’s about how well you learn, how well you do!

I’ll never forget this guy, and him calling up the house in 2001 after 9/11 to inquire if I was safe! (I was in NY at the time).

Thats a real man!

But anyway, he loved the US. Both those guys did.

And curiously enough, tutor numero uno was FAR richer than the other guy who had to literally walk to his student’s houses, as opposed to dude #1 who’d often be sitting on his bed of all things while students studied nearby.

I know, I know.

But thats India back in the day, at least for that period I was there!

And no, “private tutors” doesnt mean big money necessarily. Again, remember, its India. Back inthe day!

Anyway, it’s an interesting contrast, and my mom often spoke about the first guy i.e. how he’s sooo interested in the money, but precious little else.

Yet, THAT dude was the one with the money!

Anyway, as kids we often spoke about them, giggled about them, made kiddie jokes …

I wont get into those here. Hehe.

“Manjeet Singh! Bhalla!”

Those were the names, for some reason, as kids we were fascinated by the names, the long Sikh beards, the turbans, and everything else.

I love Sikhs, by the way, even the dude who once stopped me en route vacation in India in 2005 and asked me if I was a sikh. Hehe. My long hair …

But anyway, my own thoughts on this?

I dont know – I’m all about money first and NO refunds whatsoever & and certainly not for lying closet foot fetishists Feetus Fotis if you get my drift … (really, the insanity the dude has sent Paypal – he’s DESPERATE for the refund. Literally probably stringing pennies together or what not. PATHETIC! I mean, I’ve been there yes, but I’ve never been that desperate, especially not when I paid for something, and I got 10x the value I paid for, and still getting it!)

Anyway, Bozos are what they are for a reason.

If you’ve been to his silly site, I wouldn’t recommend you buying the book -probably all hype and nothing else in it given the idiocy he talks about (and I’ve given you the hydration example above – utter hogwash basically).

My bad for introducing him anyway to this list, but hey, whatever. We move on!

But yeah, I’m also all about results, which is why I tried to help Feetus-Fotis as much as I could – which he did NOT pay me for, and never ever will.

I mean, thats what I do for all my customers, as you know!

A customer for Shoulders like Boulders! once sent me a question after buying the book and pointed me to a link where a so called “shexpert” was saying it should be done differently.

I could have simply said “read the book”.

But I didnt.

I gave him a long, detailed description of the exercise. I also gave him another even longer explanation of WHY exactly the “other dude was wrong”.

The customer’s name was Charles Mitchell, by the way, hehe. Charles, wherever you are – I hope you’re safe and thriving! Long time no HEAR.

Anyway, for me, it’s about money and results both.

Maybe dude numero uno got his main results from elsewhere.

He was a character though! Both of them were, hehe. Both great guys.

Last, but not least … yes, it’s India, so it’s not necessarily what you think i.e. I didnt have piles of money growing up. No silver spoon – it’s the precise opposite. Haha.

And of course the comments I’m sur eI’ll get.

“But they know more than people in the West!”

Well, I keep getting this comment.

They may.

But here’s the thing – if people “in general in India know soooooooo much” (and again, bear with me) – then why is the country in the state it is today, and only going backwards?

I’ve heard from an Uncle of mine (the guy who rightly called me a caveman) that “Indian advertising is better than US advertising” and that “the average Indian is way smarter than the average American”.


I wonder what Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos would have to say about that. LOL.

Probably they’d say nothing, and just let their results speak!

But again, (and remember, Uncle was in the US, and still is) … I dont get it. Why is the country where it is today if everyone is so smart there?

It shouldn’t be, to be honest.

It saddens me that basic life in India is far more of a hassle than it should be.

I’ve said it before.

But thats how it is.

China, Vietnam, Malaysia, have ALL left India FAR behind – and no, they were not exactly “rich countries” to start with.

“But we were colonized”.

Please, fella – give me a BREAK.

India was only colonized because the rules that “be” fell prey to “divide and conquer” while the Chinese for some reason didnt (or maybe the British tried harder in India, since it indeed at the time was the jewel of the crown – much as China is tom Tommed these days, it got most of its “culture” from India).

Tai chi for one came from Southern India. Ask the shaolin monks where their art ORIGINALLY originated? You’ll get some interesting answers!

And thus, it’s a pity that a great country like India is where it is today in general where people “make noise about it – all the right noises” – but when it comes time to do biz or live there, no-one does it unless they absolutely HAVE TO!

“It’s the politicians that mess India up!”

Well, that excuse has been made for years.

Look, politicians globally are what they are, and a lot are scumbags.

And even the honest ones … well!

The only (well, one of the main reasons) I loved Donald Trump?

He was a businessman, not politician!

“Not a goddamned politican” as I keep saying about him.

The REAL DEAL, a man whose a true patriot, loved his country and so forth … India for one could do with far more of someone like Trump.

But simply sweeping all of it’s shortcomings, most that can be AVOIDED – most of which are BASIC necessities anywhere in the whole world under the rug with the “how dare you say it! It’s India!” idiotic liberal lashback ain’t exactly how a country progresses.

As the current Secretary of State in the US said, a confident country ADDRESSES it’s shortcomings.

Improvise, adapt, overcome!

There’s no reason India cannot do the same, but it doesnt.

As we think, so we are!

And the thinking in general needs to change (I mean really, who elects these politicians anyway!!?).

My word, for an email that was supposed to be <500 words, this is quite a tome, hehe.

So I’ll go now.

But, remember – if youre looking for some stimulating workouts like never ever before, ancient “Indian training secrets” that yours truly is bringing to you like ONLY he can and NO-ONE else could even if they tried and never have – well – go here – the Rolls Royce of Fitness.

Truly the 0 Excuses Fitness System!

I’ll be back, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is what a reader had to say about the upcoming Lumberjack Fitness book –

I’m a little confused with what you’ve written below, it is the Indian Implements Training book that I’m waiting for with baited breath, not the Lumberjack Fitness book, unless they’re the same thing???

He’s right! Hehe. Probably “training with implements” or something would make a better title for the book … would it? Write back, let me know!

Yours truly – –

Yes, that’s the book indeed – I want to call it “Lumberjack Fitness” because I want to include stuff other than just training with the gada and the jori – that will be the main thing of course, but I want to mention other stuff too, so I figured that i.e Lumberjack Fitness will be the best name. 

And then, since we’re talking names, couldn’t keep away from discussing the plague from China. Hehe.

… there’s not much in the news about India these days, the only thing they’re reporting is that they’ve changed the name of the Chinese virus from the “Indian variant” to the “Delta variant” what difference it makes what it’s called is beyond me but what do I know, I’m just an observer in this regard,…. 

LOL. He’s right again!

I think part of the reason that was done was because of the dependence on India now as a business ally (and other) as opposed to focusing on the PRC. politics, you know!

“How can we offend their sensibilities!”

(while all the time leaving out the quiet fact that INdians with money are leaving the country in DROVES – whoever CAN is leaving – even NOW).

Because the business environment there is so restrictive I couldn’t even begin to tell you!

Anyway, enough from me.

But really.

IT’s the goddamned plague fromChina is what it is.

They created it, they sent it over, they let it escape their borders while locking their own down and so forth.

All the grand plan.

Now, the question begets – what are YOU going to do?

Live in fear the rest of your life!?

I believe it is the W.H.O. Who changed the name but whatever they call it, the truth is it’s still the same old bullshit that they keep regurgitating to keep people obeying their rules and living in fear.

There you go, my friend. There you go!

The CHO!

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me. This was a long one! Hehe.

(Edit – I remember my school pals telling me “You get tuition from HIM!!!!!!!” “You must be great at Math!

Dude numero uno, the Guru …

Well, my results didnt quite speak there did they. Hehe.

They did when I buckled down myself and just DID the thing – because I WANTED To, not because someone forced me to.

Those 10th grade results came for a reason – many reasons!

Part of which was the US … down the road.

Anyway, two more lessons –

Gurus – or so called gurus – aren’t all they are touted and hyped to be.

The REAL gurus, however, ARE.

And it’s only the cream of the crop that can spot em!

And last, but not least, what I keep telling people here – simply buying the books won’t rock the boat. you gotta DO.

And do yourself!

I’m there to help, but you have to DO. Yourself!

Same thing for buying email blasts off my list, for not being a cheapskate etc.

Be a doer – not a “blower”, hehe.

PPS – I’m so damn glad I didnt write this last night -with all the edits, something I normally never ever DO – I’d up half the night.

And I love how this is getting longer by the minute, Unlike Schofield’s “stublet”. LOL. I’ve been writing plenty on Schofield elsewhere (not his stublet though, ugh) …

But money wise, my first job, I remember my Mom telling me

“It’s work first, money later!”


But it’s a difference in THINKING, my friend.

Work smarter, not HARDER has always been my mantra, and THAT boss at that job said it all the time – perhaps thats why he hired me. Hehe. I knew it was a done deal the minute he nodded at me in a friendly manner (you know, THAT knowing nod as in YES, the real deal!) during the interview …

(pity it all fell apart later, hehe).

Personally, I wouldn’t even consider any “job” (not that I would now, but back when I did) that didnt pay me WELL (despite airy fairy promises made – what I’m getting NOW matters. Hehe).

(yet another one of those things – the very rare things – that I do agree with when it comes to Dad’s comments, hehe).

“You have this ambition to be rich! There’s nothing wrong with that!”

(said at 23).

But anyway, products wise, go here – if you’ve been with me so far – you should! It “begets” if I might say so.