I’ll always wonder why Chunkey Pandey never got his due!
- One of my all time favorites!

I recently wrote on Twitter I dont watch much, or any of Bollywood – and these days, Holly-Kow two to the PR-See-wood … or Tollywood, or Dollywood, or .. (well, maybe the last, hehe. I love Dolly Pardon!) …

And it’s true.

You on this list know it!

(I dont like Dolly because of the bobbies, by the way).


But I mis-spelt that on purpose, Glyn.

Did I ;)?

Anyway …

I believe they actually have a Dollywood somewhere in TN? Not sure but I recall Lilly telling me that once!

Anyway – Chunkey.

An actor of yore in Bollywood thats still around, so stunningly handsome and not a bad actor either you’d think HE would be the main actor as opposed to the real main actor.

For instance, the 1998 blockbuster Tezaab.

The song “Ek Do Teen” with Madhuri the item girl made ALL the waves, and I understand why.

Movie was a mega hit.

One of my favorites growing up, hehe.

So was Anil Kapoor, and oddly enough, though I dont watch his daughter “Sonam” too  much she recently did an ad I really love for reasons I won’t mention here (but Feetus Fotis knows it most likely. LOL).

Anyway, Feetus dude has done made a joke of himself with his latest rants about “I wanted to cancel a previously approved subscription. but he didnt let me! Wail!”

I mean, look, dude.

Maybe you’re on Ben’s list, maybe you’re not.

PRobably BEn done kicked you out by now.

But point is, you were never a subscriber here for anything.

You made a payment, got 10 x the value of what was promised, are still trying to sneakily get value, and be cheap about it.

Admit it, man up, and move on.

Life lesson for you right there, grasshopper, if you hop and take it …

I wouldn’t lose sleep over it either way tho!

But anyway, Chunkey in that song – classic!

And many other movies I’ve seen him in!

There was a reason Gregory David Roberts mentions him in Shantaram – another behemoth and a must read and no, I get nothing for promoting his book – I’ve been doing so for years, Greg is a great writer in yours truly’s keeping it real – going DEEP – mould!

Shantaram in India was a classic, and Greg speaks about being an extra on a movie set with Chunkey and just how “handsome” the guy was.

He was!

PRobably still is.

And from action to comedy, he’s done it all (his “aakhri pasta” roles I thought were classic in the “Houseful” comedy series).

Slapstick comedy, the Indian version of PG Wodehouse’s Bertie Jeeves comedies, while Wodehouse is a great, and cannot be aped, I’d bet you dollars to donuts the Houseful directors, producers etc (not so much the actors probably) are huge Wodehouse readers and fans!

But Chunky for some reason never got his dues?

I have no idea why. Haven’t kept up with gossip.

Maybe he was, as I was and still am, “too wild to settle down”. He looks like, right down to the lean and mean NATURALLY chiseled physique (he was never ever till this day “chunky” if you get my drift – yours truly was, even Marc the Silverback Gorilla from Africa noted this once – hehe “getting a little chunky aren’t you!” – great guy, March!! – but not Chunkey!)  that most including yours truly struggled to get for a long time (though I have it now – hence the “you’re a movie star!” and “you’re a TV star” remarks) . . . long hair, and more.

(A real Tee Vee star, not paid “one second” spurtos like Glyn – and really, in that silly movie he was an extra on, you can only see the hair, not Glyn)

And that song “So Gaya Yeh Jahan” from Tezaab – classic!

Googles your friend, by the way … but if you check it out, you’ll know what I mean.

Indian “lore” is full of such characters – Vinod Kambli – another immensely talented individual and cricketer who despite likely being MORE talented than Sachin Tendulkar (rightfully an icon in the country) never quite “made it” and today, you barely hear of him ..

It’s sad, all that potential. Of course, I dont know Chunkey’s reasons, but Kambli from what I heard “let the fame go to his head”, and unlike Mike Tyson who did much the same, he never quite recovered.

Oh well.

But anyway, lesson in all this is this – be the same person you are – both before – and now – and forever!

Like Charles Mitchell said, never become a pussy trainer!

I wont.

I’l lnever say something Idont believe in, regardless of the money.

The ONE thing you can keep counting on me is … ?

You know it!

Giving you the best and latest in fitness yes, but also … keeping it real like few others can!

Indeed, as my buddy once said about the “whose more brutally honest? Trump, or Rahul?”

I said Trump.

He replied with …

“It’s by no means a foregone conclusion!”


It isn’t, and he was (is) right.

Hes mentioned for a damn good reason In Gorilla Grip, and the reason ain’t Tom Tomming myself, so Tom Tom’s that claim “he mentions Marines in his book” – – well – – as Glyn the Prime Tom Tom said, “Get a grip!”

Speaking of which Prime Day is coming up, and it ain’t Bozo Prime day either.

I’ll be back with more on that soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If there was ONE course that encapsulates “brutal” to a T – is the course on PUSHUPS – there literally is nothing like that out there. Literally nothing. I damn near challenge you to find one better!

Oh, and remember the Rolls Royce of Fitness too, a must grab along with this. Though Pushup CEntral goes above and BEYOND!