Why I’ve always been a huge fan of Bitcoin
- (and no, China's bitcoin ain't real bitcoin)

I’ve always, always been a huge fan of Bitcoin,  and much like this site (and my other ones) offered digital downloads WAY before they became as popular as they are now – I have been offering BTC as a means of payment for a while now.

And I’ll probably add support for other less commonly known crypto as well down the line, but for now BTC is there as an option.

Crypto is crypto.

Those into it and those that can pay with “other crypto” can no doubt pay with BTC as well …

Anyway, always the pioneering lot are we, the 0 Excuses bunch (save a few cheats, idiots and morons and Bozos who occasionally get in our way, hehe).

Much like the “exercise snacks” that yours truly pioneered before the China Health Organization (WHO) took it up and then the Bozos globally started doing it, whereas before they all ridiculed it as “it doesnt work” …

Anyway, I’ve always been a huge, huge fan of crypto.

One, zero or very limited government control.

Here, of course, we gotta talk China.

Much as China makes it sound like their new digital yuan is “the new crypto” (while they quietly ban ALL Other forms of crypto) – – guess what.

It aint.

It’s merely a digital form of money – not dissimilar to money you might have on WeChat Pay or something like that. And all very government regulated, right down to the exchange rate (equal to “regular yuan”).

The only difference being, this sort of money is even more controllable – unlike BTC etc which is the precise and polar opposite.

Two, once you pay via Bitcoin or most digital currency (by this I dont mean “physical payments done online” – I mean real digital currency), it’s a done deal – well and truly.

You dont get chances to bitch and moan later. No buyer’s regret and so forth.

Either you buy, or you dont, and thats how I personally like it.

Third, in this increasingly digitally intrusive to a T world, digital money offers something welcome – ANONYMITY!

Not that BTC simply can’t be traced, but it’s far more difficult to trace BTC then regular payments, and unless you’re breaking the law in some way, shape or form – I can guarantee ain’t nobody going to even BOTHER.

And much more (unless you’re talkin gChinese digital yuan which is potentially even easier to monitor than regular money on your e-wallets etc).

Lots of people dont know it.

But China is one of those places where they can look at your wechat spending/location history and pretty much piece together an accurate picture of your life – and backed up by CCTV’s everywhere, its safe to assume that literally there IS no privacy in China unless you’re in your own home and even there they installed cameras in people’s closets etc to monitor them and stop them from stepping out during quarantine etc in 2020 and they likely still DO.

So pervasive are mobile payments etc there that if you’re part of the unfortunate lot that doesnt have access to a China bank account (which they’ve made nigh impossible for foreign devils on business visas etc to get) – then you’re EFFED in terms of payment, especially now with the plague and people refusing to take cash payments as “preferring not to before”.

And of course, given there is no choice there, its either WeShat or Alipay, all government controlled right down to each user.

And yours truly hates that sort of thing.

Never really been one for Big Brother, Big Tech, Big Social Media or big anything …

I’m all about individual rights and personal privacy. Big time.

Anyway, I wonder why I am telling you this?

Well, first, because I just read El Salvador has become the first country to fully legalize and recognize BTC as legal tender.

Hopefully others follow suit, if not use it as legal tender, or recognize it as such, at least don’t persecute those using it! (or mining it).

Second, I dont know, because we offer BTC here and have been for ages …

(as a means of payment)

Third, because the WALLET here is functional.

But for some reason, it isn’t showing up there on the checkout form as a means of payment. The radio button just won’t show up, and I’ve raised this issue with the “team” – but for now, know that you can add funds to your wallet through the “my account” section (contact me if you dont know how, though it’s very easy – point and click) – and two, more importantly, there is an automatic 10 % discount for you guys that use your 0 Excuses Wallet to pay.

The wallet only takes good ole USD as well – you can load it in multiples of $100, 200 and 500 for now. If that seems less, let me know, and I’ll put in more options in there but for now these should suffice.

Balance etc can be seen under “My account”.

So, if you add money on there, and it doesnt show on the checkout form, let me know and we’ll figure something out!

And thats that for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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