More on the “does he look like he trains” …
- Seems to be another one of those eternal questions, lol

So, I got it again!

Not so much a “Bozo” Keith question this time, as a genuine (so I felt, at least!) remark on why I shouldn’t use the picture I do for the cover of Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Danny is a customer, by the way – the Rolls Royce of Fitness, and then this book.

And he wrote to basically tell me that while he understood why I had the picture on there “some people might not”, and I coul dprobably dramatically increase sales by making it “purdier” and so forth …

(Like the admittedly “sexy” picture on the cover of Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks!)

Would it?


And then again, I dont know.

Now the reason is the picture there is – well, a stark message to everyone and especially lazy asses that are phat as phock that while excess weight around the midsection (translation – if you’re a tub of lard) makes it harder and almost impossible to do pull-ups (these same people are the ones that hardly ever work the grip) – BIG guys – not FAT guys – CAN do pull-ups, and do ’em very well indeed!

From Doug Hepburn to Vince Gironda to ARnie to yours truly and tons of others in between … cases abound, if the “neigh sayers” care to look.

And learn.

But then again, the vast majority of folks aren’t exactly brainiacs in that regard either.

“So what if he’s fat! He has money!”

You wouldn’t believe this astounding statement I’ve heard – not from gold diggers on a dating site in China, but from people looking to go to doctors – general health practitioners that in some cases are themselves so fat they look they’ll keel over any day from a heart attack or what not.

And they thank these fatsos up and down and take advice on losing weight from these very same people, advice on heart issues, and such.

It’s mind boggling, the stupidity out there – apparently the thinking goes “he just needs to advise, not do”.

Well I’m sorry, but if my doctor (and I dont have one) is a lard ass, guess what.

He’s no longer my doc.

I’ve been to lard ass docs in the past – and I’ve roundly ignored all the nutzo advice they gave me in the past, and I’ve been the BETTER off for it.

Like the ass clown who told me “dont swim because exercise stresses the liver!’

Curiously enough, it was intense workouts x 100 that got the liver levels down for me!

Anyway … so the jury’s out.

Some might say so what, he knows how to do ’em, so even if he’s fat it don’t matter.

Though for some odd reason, a lot more people look at fitness differently than maybe other fields i.e. you gotta look the part, bronzed abs, rippling biceps and what not.

And I dont agree with any of that BS either.

Therefore, no fancy shmancy SHMUCK on the cover of any of my books.

You see me – au naturelle, the way it should be (and no, I dont know if that means “naked”, lol – what I mean is NATURAL).

And that, my friend is that.

LAst, but not least, my own opinion is that I’d rather be the guy that DOES the thing with you – and exhorts YOU to get into the best shape of your life – WITH YOU – not just sit on the sidelines.

Hey, thats me!

But like I said … ah, but you get my drift.

OK, enough chatter for this one.

Here is when you can get the system that’ll get you into the best shape of your life, and you WILL look like it too – the Rolls Royce of Fitness.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee