Why I’d rather chase the chicken than choke it.
- Honestly. I wouldn't do the latter anywy!

No, my friend, I’m not pseudo trolling you here.

On the Animal Kingdom Workouts page, you’ll see that amidst a lot of name calling and a lot of “calling folks out well deservedly so” – I make mention of Rocky II.

I make mention of cantankerous ole Mickey telling Rocky “if you can catch this thing, you can catch greased lightning!”

“First, because I said do! Second, because chicken chasing is how we did it back in the day!”

And of course, Rocko tries to catch it, can’t, ends up feeling like a KFC idiot, finally does during the latter part of the movie when he really starts training like he means it (though I gotta say, those pull-ups were half ass. Hehe. But still . Respect, especially since it was done with one arm).

But think about this, my friend.

That sort of training is not easy.

Think actually catching a chicken with boundless energy running all over the place, or even your own pet dog.

I dont think you’ll be able to do it,and more to the point, it’ll leave you spanked.

Crossfitters – even you!

Gym goers – definitely you!

And even “ironmen” like me that climb hills for hours daily – it ain’t easy.

The simplest things are often the most ignored, trolled, laughed at, booed at – because?

“They’re too simple”

Translation – the simps out and pansies out there cannot DO it despite it being “seemingly too simple”.

Anyway, eat the chicken for all I care. I’m not asking you to chase it you dont want to.

Or choke it all you like if thats your thang.

I’d rather abstain – period.

Unless I … ah, but thats a different story.

I’m huge on what the Indian wrestlers did, what the boxers and wrestlers of yore did everywhere anyway i.e what Mickey told Rocky “women – weaken – LEGS!”

Napoleon Hill mentioned the REAL reason though in his book Think and Grow Rich when he referred to the power of sexual transmutation (in MALES! note).

Most don’t understand what he meant.

Those that say they do probably don’t either.

I write all about it on another site of mine …

And I truly know – understand – and LIVE and breathe it!

And it works.

Yes, I know. A lot of folks think I’m a crackpot for promoting theories that “have no scientific basis”.

Yet, the most “profound” of stuff usually cannot be explained scientifically, at least not fully.

And this one theory DOES have scientific proof – increased T levels for one. Of course, it isn’t easy to do!

But anyway , even that aside.

The REAL point of my writing to you about this is this … when you run, even sprint, when you chase, or you’re being chased – how often is it in a straight line?

Does Mr Cheetah not zig and zag when catching gazelles?

Does a missile aimed at a target not zig and zag and “course correct” ?

I wrote about – I’ve written TONS of time about the Bourne series, have I not?

Both the book, and the movie.

I liked the book far better, but that is to be expected for obvious reasons.

Yet, the movie “The Bourne Supremacy” – an all time favorite for me, if just for Jason Bourne’s all out sprint at the start.

Starts off slow, increases, then increases, the music pounds, then he’s running all out, then some …


And the way to do it … (and yes, you need to be in shape first).

And for a person that (Matt Damon) was so out of shape that he could barely do one pull-up, and then after all the hill runs and hill work he did got to 30 plus pull-ups in a row – respect!

I’ve always admired Damon. Great actor, I might not agree with some of his politics, but great actor!

And the Bourne series, no-one better to play Jason than him.

But anyway …

That sprint training is done in a straight line.

Later on in the movie though, they show the German “polizei” after him.

He’s running – literally for his life – all out.

And it ain’t in one single line.

It’s like an obstacle course.

Traffic. Crowded sidewalks. Sudden stops and starts and then back to FULL Sprints.

taxis in the middle of the road. Supermarkets, and then finally a solid UPSTAIRS sprint, and a jump off the Metro station onto a barge beneath!

All real life chases may or may not be that dramatic, but the point begets.

It’s sort of like chasing a chicken if you think about it.

And thats why, my friend, I continue to promote the style of training I do.

And thats why I will never lower the prices – for any reason.

Because truly, nothing will get you in better shape than my courses.

NO course out there.

Try all the ones you like. A lot of my customers have!

But the Bodyweight Guru is the bodyweight guru. And there’s a reason he’s called that!

Alright, my friend. I’ve said what I had to.

Those of you that haven’t as yet gotten this superb course – do so NOW – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee