The argumentative approach to fitness that almost ever, never, works.
- It doesnt, really.

I’ll never forget the time when a former friend of mine sent me a long rant on WeChat.

I had posted something about pull-ups which he didnt like, although it was not directed at him and he was the last person in mind when I wrote it.

It was a long rant publicly denouncing my post (which was basically that if you can’t do pull-ups, you need to buckle up) – and privately, even longer.

Like around 13 posts, all of which were a drunken rant for the most part, but true.

I tried explaining the obvious to him, but he ignored all the points I brought up – like he wasn’t even reading them.

Which is why I rarely debate with people of anĀ  opposing mindset, because they won’t just not read your points – they’ll wilfully ignore them and then later, of course, they’ll claim “we read ’em!”

Which they did, of course.

Classic case of “No, you’re listening, but you didnt hear me, dog!”

(Training Day, one of the best ever movies to hit the “cine screen”)

It’s irritating.

You spend time crafting a thoughtful response to met with ignorance.

Anyway, I mentioned Herschel Walker, Mike Tyson, and several other illuminaries to back up my point, not that I needed to anyway.

“Herschel Walker! He’s naturally gifted! Muscle sticks to him like shit on a stick!”

At that point I gave up.

If this dude had done even a wee bit of research, he’d have known the truth to be opposite.

Walker was bullied in high school, and not the strongest of kids growing up, and came from a terribly disadvantaged background.

Most of the real doers and achievers are not born with great genetics and a silver spoon in their mouths.

The Bodyweight Guru “Stella Artois of Fitness” sure wasn’t.

I’m the last person you’d ever expect to be a fitness “guru”.

Yet, here I am …

Oddly enough those with good genetics and the lot?

Thats great if you got ’em.

But it for some reason makes a lot of people forget that it’s all about gumption and persistence, not so much “innate talent”.

Its about what you do with the talent, and the scores of men being handed businesses by their fathers or families that they did nothing to earn and ruining them are legion. Same thing with fitness, bro.

You gotta earn your stripes.

Simple as that.

Anyway, the argumentative approach isn’t the best by far when it comes to fitness.

Sometimes, you just man up – listen – nod your head – and DO.

It’ll get you a lot, lot further than meaningless rants and questions and looking at dude’s own results – grossly obese, no stamina – no grip strength – and legs? Forget about it!

Well, I think you get the picture.

He probably does hoist a few weights, but the litany of health issues he has, oh my.

So my friend, moral for this one is if someone whose been there and done that shows you the way – then just DO.

Don’t argue.

There’s no “why”.

Just DO.

It’s how I got to where I am, how everyone does, how YOU will too!

And I’m out.

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

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