The lunacy of Nazi feminism
- Must be understood!

One of the key reasons a lot of men fail to deal with “women” in general is this – there is no “logic”.

When I use quotes around women, I dont mean “all women”.

I mean, naturally, the Nazi feminists.

They say men are from Mars, and women from Venus, and this is probably correct, but both Mars and Venus operate on SOME form of logic.

Nazi feminism, my friend, operates so far out of the realms of logic that is impossible to even begin to “communicate” to it in a rational manner – even if you’re female.

The blame games they heap onto each other is an interesting case study in this as Nazi feminist a) blames Nazi feminist b) and vice versa, and both learn and pick up from each other as well more than they know, care to acknowledge or think about.

But this isn’t about that.

This is about lunacy.

And thats one point I make “indirectly” throughout the book – yes, half way done! – on Nazi feminism which is sure to be a massive bestseller once it comes out given the interest in it (it’s been building for MONTHS literally).

And if you want to place a pre order, let me know and we’ll see what I can do on that one!

Sales page is ready, but not “up” as yet, but I’ll fix that sometime soon.

Lots of other fish to fry at the moment, including yet another one of those annoying “card” issues I’ve been dealing with since the morning – solved now.

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Anyway, remember when dealing with Nazi feminists that the reverse of logical discusson is what is required, or you’ll never get anywhere.

And the reverse of what I do not recommend for most things i.e. “tossing money at a problem” is required in many ways.

The latter won’t solve the problem, but it’ll bury it long enough to keep it from rearing it’s “ugly head” as it were.

And this is NOT an approach I recommend for life in general.

Fitness wise, let me tell you one damn thing.

There is a good reason I turn very many people down for Ship membership ($999/year). (everything we have digitally YOURS, and no, you can’t “jump ship” after downloading it all in one day – that is not what it’s meant for).

Ship members get more and more exclusive access to yours truly – more than most others do.

And the forum, of course, where you can discuss with OTHER members is invaluable …

But I turn many people down for it because they think “tossing money at it” will resolve their fitness issues.

It won’t.

You can buy all the books you like, and all the videos you want, but you have to DO.

Until you DO, nothing will happen.

Of course, the first step is to BUY.

But after that, the doing takes precedence.

And its only the doers I want buying from me …

Ok, enough on that. Lots piled up to do, lets see what I get to NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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