Why you should be a deeply divisive force and adopt extreme polarization techniques.
- Despite what the idiots say to the contrary

It’s no secret, of course, that yours truly has always been this way.

Deeply divisive, you either love me or you hate me – and the vast majority of people meeting or knowing me fall into the LATTER category. Hehe.

A select bunch of DOERS love me, and can’t get enough of me.

But this isn’t so much about me as you.

It’s also about the idiot liberals we hear the following from these days …

“You should be a uniting force”, not “dividing”

To which I often say …

There is unity in dividing!

Which flies straight over their heards.

I’ve also been often told back when I worked a job in one way, shape or form.

No-one wants a divisive force in the office!

(they meant me in case you dont know, hehe)

Well, I dont know.

To me, I’d say the opposite.

I’ve led a very happy and in many ways VERY successful life being exactly the way I am.

Sales, business, life – most of all the last.

And I don’t intend upon changing anytime soon.

If you look at the great business people of the ages – Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, anyone of note really …. they have many things in common, but ONE character trait?

They’re brutally honest and divisive. Hehe.

Extremely polarizing. You either love their “putting their feet in the toilet water” habits (Steve JObs) or you dont (I dont, hehe).

Bozo Schofield does tho …

And therein lies a lesson unto itself if you’re well versed with the Bozo and myself and the history.

It wasn’t for nothing that my “wife” who by all accounts ostensibly absolutely can’t stand yours truly for the most part said the following last year.

You’ve got all the attributes required for greatness!


Sometimes, our enemies (or those that hate us) make the best comments!

But anyway, more on this –

You might argue that this don’t work in the workplace.

Well, it worked for the people above?

And even if you’r enot a great, and have no plans to become one, which you really SHOULD … think about it.

You’re not there to make friends .

Lots of people including yours truly make enemies at the workplace, and a lot of ’em for doing their JOB Without giving two hoots about the rest of it.

Doing what it takes to GET to where they want.

If that means running roughshod over office politics, people ‘s feelings, and so forth, then so be it!

More –


Look at who the great politicians market to.

Not the lukewarm wishy washy nuts who “swing like pendulums” and do nothing.

(no pun please)

But to their white hot CORE.

Relationship wise?

Ever fallen deeply in love – or lust – or both?

I think you get the picture, my friend.

And my workouts are the same.

You either love ’em, or you hate ’em …

And the best way to find out, and get in the best shape of your life is by doing.

Start right here.

And no, there are NO refunds offered of any nature.


Rahul Mookerjee

Edit – I think it was “disruptive” force, but the meaning was the same!