Those of you from the great country of India wanting “Paytm”
- Heads up! (Again)

Another quickie from me, hehe. (pun not intended).

But I believe I wrote to you last year about a lot of guys from India asking about my products.

There’s a lot of demand, my friend, and I get it – India has pretty much, from where I see, been in an INSANE state of perpetual lockdown since 2020 and with no alchohol etc – a lot of people are going nuts cooped up.

To these people, I always urge the following.


YES, your voice matters.

Unless enough people speak UP – nothing will ever change, and thats just a fact not even the most pessimistic Tom Tom can deny.

But anyway …

“PayTm” being one of the payment options in India – online.

Well, we actually tried to integrate it last year – I believe in May!

But for some reason it didnt work – and there was just too much red tape involved in the process, so I just gave up. Much like anything India related (in terms of red tape).

Which is a real, real pity …

But thats how it is I suppose there.

But, the issue?

Apparently Indian paypal accounts etc don’t allow payment “directly” or something. You gotta transfer the amount to your account, then you can make the payment? Or, some issue of that nature, I dont know.

And not everyone in India has a credit card.

But the workaround for you India customers is easy – just use your debit card as you would credit.

Provided it has Visa/Mastercard, should be all good!

Of course, Amex is a different story – apparently there’s some issue there too.

Anyway, PayTm is something like Alipay in China where you can “scan and pay”.

Currently we only have that option for the BTC (Bitcoin) payments on the website.

Which not everyone uses, but it’s there for reasons of privacy …

But, much like Alipay was “not allowed” or something, Paytm was too much red tape, and we gave up (plus, the software wouldnt integrate with the one I use).

But in future, who knows .

For now, I’ve mentioned the alternative.

And the other alternative if you simply must scan and pay (via Paytm) is to email me directly, and we’ll see what we can “finangle”.

And thats the blast.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee