If you feel life has “passed you by” . . .
- And a lot of you do . . .

The great Russell Crowe – one of my all time favorite actors (and Gladiator will ALWAYS be one of my favorite movies!!) made a great little movie in 2020 that most people seemingly didnt notice.

The movie itself perhaps wasn’t that special, so it didnt make much of an impact box office wise?

Unless I’m wrong.

But Crowe as usual, right down to the massive belly he sported for the movie (you would NEVER recognize me as the hero of Gladiator – he even got the “Southern” accent down pat for the most part!!) was stellar, superb and I dont have enough adjectives to describe his performance.

Basically, the movie was about the “older white male” who gets “left behind”. And a wacko at that given his actions later …

Worked his whole life at an auto plant (That was Crowe in the movie) and then he got “canned” from his job a month or so short of collecting full pension.

It was a story like that, I believe.

I loved the movie.

And I could (despite not obviously being the “color” of person he was trying to potray) identify with a lot of it.

God knows I’d feel the same way if I was in a “job” today.


Those jobs where they work you to the bone, take all you have, give you NO credit, and leave you exhausted, sapped and humiliate you daily if you’re at the bottom rung of the ladder – even if you’re “older”.

Boy can I understand. I’ve been there!

Lots of men have too.

Do what is right their whole life, work a job, be stable, provide for the wife and kids … and end of it all what do they get?

A big massive zero when it comes to THEM and their needs!

But anyway, while Crowe covered the “topic” very well, he didnt really address the “causes”.

I’ll attempt to do so. Basically, I can break it down into three parts (and this is NOT dependent upon “color” at least NOT in my opinion).

One, the scourge and YOKE of Nazi feminism simply must be thrown off, or countered in some way – without that, NOTHING will happen.


And the book on how to do that and profit from it is on the way … but really, this is number one in my opinion.

It’s never good enough for her, is it??

Enough said!

Two, and BOTH genders are guilty of this (I won’t get into the Bozo Schofield third gender, hehe) – not following your heart and not having the persistence to follow through no matter what.

Giving up.

Caving into pressure of “you need to be more stable!”

(ever notice the same NAzi feminists who whine about this admire men like say … I dont know, Jeff Bezos despite his cheating – despite his flaws – because he finally made it?)

And you, the person “trying to make it” is criticized – why – all because you provide for your family (I’m speaking to the MEN here)?

Enough said on that too!

But really, women are guilty of this too i.e. not following their dreams.

And three, of course … FITNESS!

Yes, ya’ll might think this is “just a sales pitch” and is usual with me, a “smart” one.

Think that if you want.

But the facts I’ve mentioned are true, as is the fact that I look more than 10 years younger than my actual age, and FEEL (most importantly!) 20 or so years younger!

It’ll always be this way and NO, “just normal workouts” and “exercise” isn’t really the ticket.

Pounding the pavement will AGE you quicker than anything else for one and give you more chance of getting a heart attack than a lifestyle where you eat, drink, make merry, smoke, fornicate, what not … and do a steady schedule of say, either Advanced Hill Training or Animal Kingdom Workouts.

There is a reason hills reign supreme when it comes to fitness, and leg workouts!


And FEELING, and looking younger … and having MORE energy to counter what is thrown at you, and so forth.

Anyway, Crowe did a great job I thought (I watched the movie last year).

And it’s one I ‘d recommend to you – certainly way better than some of the profoundly asinine Bruce Willis flicks I’ve watched, hehe.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, the clock is ticking on the last copy of Fast and Furious Fitness; The Collector’s Edition. If you want in, get it NOW. No more reprints!!

PS #2 – No, before someone asks, I do not endorse violence and stalking of the nature mentioned in the movie, but I DO endorse Crowe highly, and do recommend the movie. Thank you!